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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018

By Abdullahi Babangida Intifada
Salutation and peace to God be upon the awaited Jesus of Nazareth, the Spirit of God and his great Mother, the Virgin Mary, the pure and truthful lady who presented, through divine blowing, this type of child for those who are burning in love of divine mercy. 

Greetings to the clergymen and the monks who forsake the sinful self in favor of contentment with the teaching of the Messiah

Greetings to our dear friends, the followers of our awaited Master Jesus Christ in the north and southern parts of Nigeria.

We congratulate Christians and Moslems of the world and especially our indigenous Christians in Nigeria on the occasion of the birthday celebration of the great Prophet Jesus Christ which also concedes with the beginning of the New Year 2018.

I call upon you the Christians, to pray in your blessed days for our country Nigeria and also to pray for the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, the symbol of unity Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, a pure hearted Man who admonished us with his harmless words to love, obey and respect our Master Jesus Christ and also to protect, and leave peacefully with the followers of Christ.

Oh our dear friends, we are extremely in need of your prayers particularly for the Sheikh Zakzaky, Who has been in detention for over two years, without charges, despite the fact that the federal high court Abuja has ordered and declared him free but this present government refused to obey the court order and they do not appeal the case.

O you followers of Jesus, the spirit of God! Jesus Christ has called to the path of God which was also the path of human salvation, and he warned against the following of lust and the impregnating of the purity of soul through bad habits and wrong doing.

O you Christians, great harm was caused on our master Jesus by atheistic forces, who were corrupt, arrogant and sub servant to the world life. And after God has raised him up to the place of his protection and security his disciples and followers continued to be exposed to terrible chastisement throughout the passage of many years in the cause to uprooting his teaching, which were opposed to corruption, vice polytheism and following of lust as well as igniting of wars and deceiving the people.

And even when those forces were corrupt devilish, succumbing to lust igniting wars and deceitful to people, they could not however, bear it up with the religion of God and those who follow the path of God. It is like wise to day for indeed these type of forces are not prepared to set eyes on the servant of God and the followers of His religion and those who strives behind reality.
Obedience of Jesus (peace be upon) Necessitates support to the truth and opposition against forces which are enemies to the truth. We desired from the Christians and Moslems in other parts of the world to keep this lessons of Jesus alive in their lives and deeds.

Blessed are for those who are hungry and thirsty in the cause of justice and those who pray for it.

I pray unto God that the New Year be a year of success for all nations and Mankind. Happy New Once Again

Abdullahi Babangida Intifada
Of Academic Forum Of The Islamic Movement In Nigeria
1st January, 2018