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Maulud, time for self-assessment-Sheikh Zakzaky

By Ibrahim Usman.
“Period of Maulud should be for critical assessment, self reflection and the society to ascertain whether it actually conforms with the true teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).

 It is just like looking at our reflection in the mirror and see the extent at which we conformed to the teachings of the Holy Prophet or not”. These were the words of His Eminence, Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, at the Annual Maulud Lecture organized by the Resource Forum of the Movement held at the National Mosque, Abuja on Saturday (25/01/2014).

Sheikh Zakzaky said, the Holy Prophet had greatly suffered series of tribulations in the 23 years he spent propagating the message of Islam, at the end of which he left behind the complete message in the form of the Qur’an, his sayings as interpretation and explanation of the Qur’an and a society built on true teachings of the message he brought, with Islam as a complete way of life.

 Sheikh Zakzaky explained that, for the Prophet to actualize his mission he was tested and trusted by the people to the extent that they called him Sadiqul Ameen (The Trustworthy). He said, the Prophet was able to unite and reconcile the deep seated hatred between warring tribes of his time, such as Aws and Khazraj. He left behind a system where piety and honesty were barometers to ascertain who should be vested with social responsibility. “This Prophet whose birthday we are celebrating today, salvaged the society from servitude of man to man, to servitude of man to his Creator”.

 He said, “At this point in time as we commemorate his birthday, we ask ourselves: Are there Muslims on earth today? Yes! Are the complete Qur’an and its interpretation with us? Yes! Then, are we a society built on the true teachings of the Holy Prophet? No! This is where the problem lies”.

 According to Sheikh Zakzaky, when the colonialist came, they destroyed the good system we have, and enforced on us the doctrine of nationalism and secularism. “That we are a faithless nation; one nation one destiny; that we are citizens of a secular nation, where religion is only but a fraction of our lives; that Islam is only but to observe some set of rituals, but the socio-political as well as economic aspects of our existence be governed by rules set out by the colonialists”. By this action, he added, the colonialists have returned Muslims back to the days of Jahiliyya ( Dark Age) and the era of servitude of men to men.

He pointed out that, this doctrine is the most dangerous of all the innovations brought to us by the colonialists up to the present time. He said, they did not stop at that, but went a step further to declare war against Islam and its true teachings. “Anything Islamic is a threat and terror”.


Sheikh Zakzaky further pointed out that, with Islam as their enemy they attributed all violent behaviors to it. “They refer to Muslims as terrorists, and Islam as a religion of terrorists that must be fought at all fronts and with all might and power.” He said, the current spate of bomb blasts worldwide, attributing it to Muslim groups is part of the global conspiracy. In attempt to actualize their selfish end, he added, the end justifies the means while Muslims follow legal means to actualize legal ends.

Here in Nigeria, they created faceless so-called jihadist groups a smokescreen to fight Islam and Muslims. This we know, and they know we know their ploy. There had never been in history a jihadist group with an unknown leadership, followership and base. The only things we hear of these so-called group are series of bomb blasts, and it is always the enemy telling the story. What we know is that, those who tell the stories are the people behind the bomb blast”.


Sheikh Zakzaky said, Islam appeals to conscience, no physical force can make one profess or reject it. He argued that, how can Islam be regarded as religion of terror when the same religion during the life time of the Holy Prophet reconciled warring tribes, discouraged unnecessary wars, united enemies and set out rules regarding the even on minute activity such as entering a house.

 He also said, Islam is the pioneer of all modern science and technology that the west today copies and boast of as the product of their research. He said, the west claims technological advancement over Muslims because they used force to colonized Muslim countries, and the same force was used to steal their wealth and technology and mould them to their taste. “Above all, they view the world as the ultimate, while the Muslims view the Creator and heavenly abode as the ultimate”.


 Sheikh Zakzaky then called on Muslims to use the period of Maulud to reflect on how far or close we are to the true teachings of the Prophet. He prayed for peace and stability of the Ummah in its struggle to actualize the true teachings of the Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).

Those who graced the occasion included the Chief Imam of Abuja National Mosque, Ustaz Musa Muhammad, Chief Imam of Duala Mosque, Cameroun, Sheikh Musa Ladan etc.