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Maulud Khatmah in Bauchi + Pictures

By Khalid Idris Doya
The grand finale of Maulud celebration was held on Saturday in Bauchi at the Kobi playground. Well decorated and widely attended, the event took the shine off previous celebrations and dwarfed recent ones in Bauchi and environs.

Luminary poets of the Islamic Movement displayed their talents in songs in praise of the Seal of the Prophets. As prologue to the peak of the event, visitation on the Holy Prophet (SAWA) was recited by Sayyid Abdullahi Ashoura, after ecitation from the Glorious Qur’an by Alaramma Idris Dauda.

Ameer of Bauchi, Malam Ahmad Yusuf Yashi, introduced to the podium, the guest speaker with few eloquent and explicit a words.iven

The guest speaker, Malam Kasimu Umar who is the Ameer of Sokoto congratulated the people for yet witnessing the occasion of birthday of the Beloved Messenger of Allah, whose unlimited love is incumbent on all Muslims.

“The Holy Prophet is a distinguished personality that has never been created by Allah before and after him. He was also endowed with excellent good moral conduct which he exemplified during his life time that has become a model to all humanity. Therefore, no misconduct can be attributed to him, for history is a clear testimony to his divine moral character”, said Malam Kasimu.

He also said, the Holy Prophet brought the Qur’an, with which he salvaged the Ummah from moral decadence. “He is a Living Qur’an. We therefore condemn any blasphemy on the personality of our Noble Prophet and those who did it”, he stated.

Speaking to newsmen shortly after his lecture, the guest speaker pointed out that, Muslims should copy the good conduct exemplified by the Holy Prophet as the greatest tool in overcoming plots of enemies.

Malam Kasimu also urged Muslims to unite in response to Allah’s command, saying there is strength in unity

At the end of the occasion, Malam Kasimu presented awards to some circles for outstanding contribution towards the forthcoming fund raising of displaced Brothers in Sokoto.

He also made the closing prayer.