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Maulud Imam Mahdi (AF) celebrated in Kano + Pictures

By Muhammad Isa

Sunday night, 17th Sha’aban 1435, Kano zone of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria organized Maulud of the Awaited Saviour, Imam Mahdi (AF), which took place at the Markaz.

Sheikh Muhammad Mahmoud Turi was the guest speaker, where he gave brief history of the birth of Imam Mahdi (AF), his parents, his divinity, occultation and manner of expect and long awaited re-emergence.

He also explained what is expected of a Muslim during the Imam’s occultation such as recitation of Du’a Nudbah, his prayer of visitation (Ziyarat), intercession with his name, steadfast on his expected re-emergence, keeping alive events associated with him and reminding the people of it, doing good deeds and charity in his name and honour, and many more.

Sheikh Turi also expressed gratitude to Allah for rising among the Muslims of this country Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, who was also borne on the same date, adding that Allah has bestowed on Sheikh Zakzaky numerous blessings and excellent attributes. “I have never spent ten minutes with Sayyid Zakzaky without learning something new”, he said.

He further cited some testimonies of some pious Islamic scholars on the good attributes of Sheikh Zakzaky, which made him stand out as an exemplary man.

Highlight of the occasion was songs in praise of Imam Mahdi (AF) by Mustafa Limanci.