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Maulid Programe at Kofar Waika Kano/ pics

By Muhammad Isa
Another Maulid programme was held at Kofar Waika Kano on Thursday the 9th of R/Awwal 1436 (31/12/14) at Sheikh Isyaka Rabiu Jumaa Mosque attended by large number of people.

 Maulid programmes were held in major units in Kano since the beginning of the month of R/Awwal. Kofar Waika area is the last  to organise the Maulid celebration.  The speakers include Shaikh Muhammad Turi who spoke on the repercussions of disobeying Prophet’s order. Sheikh Sanuis Shawus and Sheikh Kidr spoke on the necessity of holding to holy Qur’an and pure progeny of the Prophet peace be uponhim and his households.