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Martyrs Day 2024: The Head of Shuhada Foundation Calls for more Support.

The Shuhada Foundation of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the Leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky held its annual programme at city park Wuse Abuja on Sunday the 23rd of Rajab 1445 (4 of Feb 2024).
Activities include drama, parades, displays of martyrs’ pictures, and songs on martyrs and martyrdom.

After a display of Tamsaliyyah or drama, a tribute parade was staged for the martyrs in addition to the songs of praise by the youths of the Abul Fadl Foundation.
There was the recitation of the Ziyara of Imam Musa Alkadheem peace be upon him who was martyred 25th of Rajab.

The programme also captured the narratives and experiences of parents of martyrs. Those who spoke included the father of a martyr, the wife of a martyr, and the husband of a martyr.

Out of over 500 families of the martyrs, Alhaji Idris Garba, the father of Shaheed Muhammad Idris Garba Malumfashi spoke on his son’s martyrdom who was killed in Gyallesu at the Residence of sheikh on 14th Dec 2015.
He narrated how his son bid him farewell when the soldiers attacked the resident of the Sheikh.
The Shaheed told his father by a phone call that he would be martyred and his body would not be seen. This had been the case with the martyrs of Gyallesu.

Alhaji Idris further said since the martyrdom of his loverly child, he had witnessed much favour from Allah in his family.

The wife of Shahid Yakubu Okene also spoke on the life of her husband Shaheed Yakubu Okene, an elder of about 70 years, who was killed at Sheik Zakzaky’s residence together with his son and daughter.

The wife said that good things about her husband were only known after his martyrdom including praises from neighbors and people he helped. She said her family did not suffer after his martyrdom.

Sister Khadijah Isah Potiskum also spoke on her husband’s martyrdom. She said so much about the good character of her husband adding that her family members do not suffer due to help from Shuhada Foundation and brothers and sisters.

Musa Garba also spoke on his wife’s martyrdom at Gyallesu. Wasila Garba was killed at Gyallesu and her body is yet to be found. She is a wife of sound character, he said.

Brother Abu Zarr spoke on Kifaatul Aytam Foundation which is responsible for catering for the the orphans and injured.
It cares for basic such as feeding, health care, shelter, etc through the direct involvement of individuals who volunteer to take one aspect of the activity. The foundation links up an orphan and a volunteer.

In her speech, the Head of the Shuhada Foundation Malama Maryam Sani spoke on the activities of the Foundation.

She said martyrdom is a divine and lofty status given by Allah to His selected servants. For a family to have shaheed in it is a great gift, she said adding that ‘these martyrs are the secret of the survival of this movement’.
She further says the benefits brought about by a martyr do not stop at his family only but also at his /her relatives.
Malama Maryam said that rendering support and assistance to a Shahid family is a help to the one who gives such support at last.
She lamented that such support to martyr’s families by surviving brothers and sisters fell short perhaps due to the hardship and economic situation in the country which affected good performance.

She said a child of a martyr ought to have a good life to the extent that another child would pray for his father to attain martyrdom.

She further said children’s education is one of the big challenges facing the foundation.
She called on brothers and sisters to gear up effort in paying dues and contributions.
She recommended the efforts of some youths in paying the monthly dues in multiple.
Some youths even multiply the monthly dues with their years and pay at once, she expressed.

She said 20 children will enjoy international scholarships this year, 10 have already left the country while arrangements are about to be completed for the remaining children.
Malama Maryam expressed that a new payment method, in addition to the existing bank accounts, has been introduced for proper accounting and monitoring.

Thousands of People attended the programme.

Martyrs day 2024 abuja by the islamic Movement


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