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Martyrs’ Day 2024: Sheikh Zakzaky Delivers a Closing Speech

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky closed the Martyrs Day Commemoration with an inspiring speech on martyrdom at City Park Abuja on Sunday the 4th of February 2024.

The recorded speech was played at the venue as the people listened.

He spoke on the life and martyrdom of the 7th holy Imam, Imam Musa Alkadheem peace be upon him who was killed at the hands of his enemies for his steadfast on the path of the Truth.

The Sheikh said a martyr has no crime other than being steadfast and standing firm on the path of Allah.

He spoke on martyrs, those who caused it, and the family of martyrs.

On the current happening in Africa, he said countries in Africa under France’s colony only got paper independent, fake, and untrue.

Citing the economy of the Niger Republic, the Sheikh said it is very clear that the economy of Niger is still under the control of France in addition to the control of Natural resources which France exploits for their development,

France is in full control of their colonies as even their money is produced in France, popularly called CFA. Using the paper money produced in France, Sheikh Zakzaky explained, that France is controlling the economy of the countries they colonized for developing their country while leaving them dry.

Even the British colony is the same thing with little difference in approaches, the Sheikh expressed.

He therefore called on usurpers to fear Allah as everyone is created by Allah and everyone will harvest his work.

He warned that In the future, their children and grand will invoke the curse of Allah upon them for the crimes they committed.

For the families of the Martyrs, the Sheikh called on all to exercise patience as their reward rests with Allah alone. The shuhada will be remembered in the best way ever, he said.

For the martyrs, the leader said their blood spilled will never go free, and those they left behind will remain on the cause they died for.

Sheikh Zakzay said when he said a day of revenge is coming he was referring to the killers, not those who gave a different meaning to the statement.

Those who were happy with what happened to the followers of the Sheikh, he said, will continue to die in an unhappy state, as all crimes shall come to an end one day.

Even what happened in Gaza, Sheikh Zakzkay expressed,  time is coming when such cancer (Israel) will cease to exist and time shall come when prayer will be held in QUDS InshaAllah.

The onlookers who were happy with what happened just wait for the time of shame as this religion will surely come back strong. It may take years, but the religion will surely come back.

The Islamic revival may start with some people and end with different people, sheik Zakzaky explained.

It is just a matter of time adding that the onlookers are- of two types- those who blame and those who wait to see whether the Movement will succeed or not.

The Leader said “We are in the age of hope. So it will come but we have to act and  make an effort.”

May Allah bring the emergence of who with his emergence a solution to human problems are guaranteed. The Sheikh concluded.

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