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Martyrdom is Victory

Martyrdom is the Victory. The 8th session of Ashura Mourning Assembly was conducted at the Baqiyyatullah Husainiyya, Zaria, on Sunday 9th Muharram 1433 H/ 4th December, 2011.

Sayyid Zakzaky (H) narrated the events that happened after the death of Mu’awuya bn Abu sufyan up to where Imam Husain left Makkah on the day of tarwiyya (8th Dhulhijjah) and headed for Karb wa bala’i. Muawiyya, before his death, enforced people to give the oath of allegiance to his son Yazeed in breach of the agreement reached with Imam Hassan.



He advised Yazeed to be cautious in dealing with Imam Husain or otherwise their dynasty could be ruined. Yazeed did not waste time to demand express allegiance from Imam Husain. Yazeed was
openly known for his profanity. He was a character whose brutality and viciousness knew no bounds. With his open indulgence in the vile acts of adultery, incest and wine drinking, clearly contradictory to the Islamic teachings, Yazeed showed himself to be the latest product from a family deeply-rooted in their hatred for Islam. How can the pure progeny of the household of the Prophet be loyal to such? It has become imperative for the Imam to rise and transform Islam. In a will which he wrote and gave his brother Muhammad ibn Hanafiyya before leaving Medina, Husain wrote; ‘I have risen as I seek to reform the community of my grandfather. I wish to bid the good and forbid the evil.’

In a will message to Banu Hashim, Imam Husain wrote that there were only two options: To follow him attain martyrdom, which was the success or to remain and they would not prosper. Imam set out to
Makkah in Sha’aban and stayed for almost four months. He learnt that Yazeed has sent a special hit squad and ordered them to strike at him even if spotted at the walls of the Ka’aba. In order to preserve the sanctity of Haramul Ka’aba, Imam set out barely two days to Hajj.

Initially many people followed Imam from Makkah. However when the news of martyrdom of Muslim bn Aqeel and Hani were brought, majority withdrew. The message of inevitable martyrdom was clear. Imam was left with a handful of a little over seventy loyal followers.

In his remarks, Sayyid (H) pointed to the fact that the people of Kufa wrote several letters inviting Imam to their place so as to take the oath of allegiance. The Imam sent Muslim Bn Aqeel to confirm.
Initially, the people of Kufa expressed their loyalty. However after being intimidated, threatened and the spread of rumour that an advancing army from Syria was under way, they feared and withdrew.
Imam was then left to advance to an unknown destination. He camped at a place called Ninawa. He asked whether the place had another name. It was affirmed that its other name was Karbala. Indeed this would be the place for the golden sacrifice.
Due to time factor the assembly was adjourned to the next day, where Sayyid said that he would continue, in sha Allah.


Dauda Nalado reports