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Mandela: Islamic Movement Pays Tribute to the Symbol of Liberation

By K. Isah

“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians,”  Mandela 1977.

Mandela made this statement in 1977 on the 20th  Anniversary of International Day of Solidarity  with Palestinians .  A statement which will continue to echo  in the history of humanity.

An embodiment of integrity, honesty and humility, Mandela faith in humanity cannot be disputed by even his foes. The tributes to this great man are endless for he is a man who committed the whole of his life in the struggle for justice since young age. He spent 27 years in prison to pay for his unwillingness to compromise his stand on the course of Struggle.

Today the world remembers him as hero and leader not only for the South Africans but  for the oppressed people of the world irrespective of their colour and religion. His clear stance on the issue of the Palestinians, who are still suffering in the hands of racist illegal state of Israel, attests to his being the leader of the oppressed.

He made his position clear when the so called big arrogant powers silently watches Israel killing, maiming ad expelling both Muslims and Christians Palestinians from their homeland. Mandela could not keep quite to watch what he spent his whole life fighting against taking place on the defenseless Palestinians by an apartheid racist regime of Israel.  “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians,”  Mandela.

Mandela life was a life of sacrifice for the common good of  not only South Africans but for all and sundry,  black or white. His life spoke volumes all people of the world.

Mandela will continue to be remembered as a great man for his courage, determination in fighting gross injustice and discrimination of the former apartheid regime of South Africa . He will continue to remembered as a great leader of the world who set a record; his life also served as a great lesson for those ready to emulate. The Islamic Movement pays tribute to the great Leader Dr Nelson Mandela, a symbol of liberation.