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Mallamah Zeenah : Update from Mohammed Ibraheem Zakzaky

As of yesterday , the court had given an order for my mother to be taken to a hospital. However after an inspection of all the CDC approved centers throughout Kaduna, they were all found inadequate for her specific needs; most especially due to her numerous underlying health challenges.

For this reason the medical team advised that unless an adequate environment be found, and since the prison authorities have continued to cooperate fully, they will continue managing the situation as it stands currently.
Up until last night, the medical team had assured us that she has been recovering, and that there is no immediate cause for alarm.
However the Government is yet to carryout a test of the entire facility as should be standard, nor has the source of the infection been traced.
Meaning that the danger remains clear and remains present.

 Mohammed Ibraheem Zakzaky 26/1/2021