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Mallam Sanusi Addresses Press Men on Kano Mischevious Plan

Muhammad Isa Ahmad

Mallam Sunusi Abdul Kadir the representative of Islamic Movement in Nigeria had responded to questions asked by members of the Press among whom include Leadership Newspapers, Express Radio, Rai Power FM radio, Almizan, The Nation Newspaper, Al-Alam TV, Radio Tehran, and taken them around the Kano Islamic center to see for themselves.

Mal Sunusi has denounced the malicious and mischievous move by  some citizens to incite sectarian conflict even though members of the communities have been acknowledging the care and affection Shaikh Muhammad M Turi has always shown to them, in addition to the developmental efforts that had ensured cordial relationship for the past thirteen years of the existence of the center in Kofar-Waika.

He also reiterated this cordial relationship shall always remain so and be upheld expressing that the Kano State government has shown its sense of responsibilities by not falling prey to issues that may lead to sectarian conflict as the state govt is expected to uphold justice and fair play.

Likewise Mal Sunusi expressed that  Islamic movement in Nigeria under the able leadership of Shaikh Ibraheem El Zakzaky (H) will always welcome members of the community towards unity and that cordial relationship will be upheld and maintained with inputs in seeing all developmental efforts within the community and state in general.

He also urged the community members not to fall prey to mischief makers who are bent on creating chaos and distorting the peace and stability of the state.

Mallam sanusi abdulqadir with press men