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Mallam Abdulhameed Addresses Newspaper vendors.

Trust and good conduct have been described as qualities of newspaper vendors in building good relationship with customers. 

 Speaking during the conference of Journalists of the Islamic Movement at Fudiyyah Center on Saturday the 3rd of march 2012, Mallam Abdulhameed Bello also described their work as a way of tabligh (passing Islamic messages to people) and as such it  requires them to be honest and trust in their dealing with people and the company publishing the newspaper. The success of the paper depends  on the trust and honesty of the vendors.

He also noted the spirit sacrifice which is known among the members of the Islamic Movement  should continue as it is the bases of success.

 Developing marketing strategy to increase sales and circulation is also described as another important ingredient to achieving success while passing messages to remote areas. He called on both the journalists and vendors to discharge their duties for the sake of Allah alone.

Mallam Abdulhameed was former editor of old Mujahidah magazine.