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Malam Yaqoub Yahaya Katsina Debunked Another Fresh Plot on Islamic Movement

By Muhammad Ibraheem Zuru

The Ameer of Katsina zone of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has uncovered another fresh devilish plan to suppress Islamic Movement.

The cleric categorically made this known today, Sunday, 24/04/2016, shortly after the weekly prayer session in Katsina.

Malalam Yaquob stated that, a confidential meeting held by enemies of Islam and humanity has been exposed that, a number of 10 agents will be provided and be infiltrated in each unit(sub-zones) and larger chapters of the Islamic Movement to be mixed with youth of the Movement with a view to causing bewilderedness among the youths. According to him, they plan this having seen how the youths of the Movement are playing a major role in carrying out most activities of the Movement.

Second to this, they planed a predetermine assassins tasked with carrying out assassination on renown members of the Movement, most especially Ameers.

Malam Yaqoub Yahaya also debunked that, it is also part of their plan carrying out a frenzied attack on peaceful processions and rallies been organized by brothers and sisters of the Movement in order to interrupt activities of the Movement.

In the lung run, the Ameer, made it known that, they have arranged with Islamic cleric on the impending Ramadan Qur’anic preaching. Clerics are paid to launch a deceptive campaign on Shi’ites and their doctrine in order to create uncompassionate sentiments  in the hearts of fellow Muslims as this will let gave way to eradicate Shi’ism and Shi’ites in the nation.

At the end of his brief address, he called on all brothers and sisters across all zones and chapters to intensify on the timely basis supplications and invoke for a foil and Allah’s assistance against all mischievous plans.