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Malam Mustapha Nasidi exposes the ‘Divide and Ruin’ strategies of enemies of Islam

By Ahmad Sa’eed
During his first Pre-Khutbah sermon in Potiskum since his return from studies abroad, Malam Mustapha Lawan Nasidi said, enemies have diverse strategies of fighting the Muslims from within, which he described as the ‘Software’ strategy, Harbin na’im’ in Arabic.

According to him, the strategy is used when the enemy do not w show want to show his face, but will instead use members from within to do the dirty work for him, without them sometimes even knowing it.

He further explained that, this was the strategy used to destroy the Soviet Union. 

Malam Mustapha Nasidi also said, it was part of the strategy and agenda when a Muslim call his fellow Muslim unbeliever. “This is part of the work of the enemy being executed by some Muslims from within’, he added.

Commenting on the backwardness witnessed in the country since the return to democracy, the cleric said, “Before the coming of democracy, everyone can carry a passenger on his motorcycle. You can travel anywhere you like and return safely any time you like. Before this time, there was no security checkpoint, and there was no insecurity and fear”.