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Malam Kasimu addresses spectacular Maulud Naby celebration in Kudan

By M. A. Muhammad Kudan
Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in Kudan has on Friday, 18th Rabi’ul Awwal 1436 (09/01/2015), organized birthday of the Holy Prophet (SAWA) Maulud celebrations which attracted people from all walks of life, far and near. It was a momentous gathering.

A procession was conducted in the evening, which featured groups of like minds, to honour the Seal of the Prophets in a spectacular display, pomp and pageantry.

The procession took off from Fudiyya School, through major streets, was addressed by Malam Sani Gubuci.

The night session featured Malam Kasimu Umar Rimin Tawaye from Sokoto as the guest speaker.

Malam Kasimu who explained the obligation of Maulud celebration among Muslim, cited Qur’anic verse to buttress his point: “And proclaim the Grace of your Lord”.

According him, proclamation of Allah’s grace to His servants is viewed in the physical endeavors of man to gain closeness to His Creator.

He briefly narrated history of the Holy Prophet (SAWA), from infancy to prophethood, as well as the hardship he faced in the discharge of divine obligation with his pious Companions.

Malam Kasimu used the opportunity to call for unity among Muslim Ummah saying, “There is strength in unity. Let us not give room to the enemy to gain upper hand over us”.

On the current situation across the globe and particularly Nigeria, the Islamic cleric said the, “The only solution to the current upheavals in complete rebellion to an unjust system and struggle towards attaining a just system that will govern our lives. We should also expect and endure trials and tribulation in this cause”.



Malam Kasimu also commented the atrocities by the Alu Magatakarda Wammako in Sokoto: “They have destroyed over 250 houses, and stolen over 500 million naira in the course of committing this atrocity”.

At the end of the occasion, gifts were presented by Ameer of Kudan, Malam Junaidu Muhammad Sani to local representatives which included bags of maize, clothing materials and a motorcycle.

Aweek to the programme, Youth Forum, Kudan chapter had organized a football competition among various teams in the town, and a trophy was also presented at the occasion to the winning team.