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Lt Col S. O. Okoh Shot My Sons- Sheikh Zakzaky

eid prayer zariaBy K. Isa
The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky explained how his three sons where shot to death by one Lt Col S. O. Okoh, an Igbo man. He made the explanation after the Eid Prayer at Husainiyyah baqiyyatullah Zaria on Sunday the 27th of July 2014.

 He said  "As they targeted my sons for arrest, in the process killed one, Mahmoud, whom they shot in the abdomen and he died. They also arrested three others, Ahmad, Hamid and Ali. Through a link we demanded them to release them to us, but the Commandant of the Basawa military barrack said he would not release them but rather will take them to ABU Teaching Hospital, Shika for medication. They were in good condition when they were arrested. As they were boarding them into the vehicle, he shot Ahmad three times and threw him into the vehicle. He was alive and talking then, they broke his arms and legs. They started beating Ali, while Hamid was trying to protect him, they turned to Hamid and stabbed him several times with knives, even on his head. Ahmad was already dead, but Hamid was still telling them words and they shot Ali on his legs. When they realized that Hamid was still talking, they continued stabbing him with knife until they made sure he was dead before they reached the hospital. The name of the person who shot them was Lt Col  S. O. Okoh, he is the C.O. Engineer of Bassawa. When I demanded for the release of my sons through the GOC 1 Mechanized Division, Okuh said he would release them but not alive. By Allah’s infinite mercy, Ali is alive, he saw how his brothers were brutally murdered before his eyes.  He is presently receiving medical attention, as a result of compound fracture on his leg, from the several shooting on his leg"