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Longing for the re-emergence of the Awaited Saviours, our basis for Xmas celebration – Pastor Buru

By Ibrahim Usman
Pastor Yohanna Buru, head of the Christ Evangelical Church, Kaduna says, the reason for Christmas celebration is universal, irrespective of creed, as it signifies the crave by humanity for the re-emergence of a Saviour after birth and subsequent disappearance.

He made the statement at this year’s Christmas celebration at his open church in Kaduna, attended by members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Kaduna zone, on his invitation. According to Pastor Buru, every man and every society expects a savior at the end of time, adding that both Muslims and Christians have always been in the waiting of Saviours in the name of Imam Mahdi (AF) and Jesus Christ, respectively.

“Until that day when Imam Mahdi and his Co-worker (Jesus) come; these heroes, these victors, these triumphant leaders, these great and perfect men come, we shall remain in darkness and ignorance”, he said.

The Christian clergy also pointed out that, there was not dispute among Christian and Islamic books on the re-emergence of these two great men at the end of time, further stated: “Until their imminent re-emergence, no politician can salvage this society from its predicament. This is why we celebrate Christmas, we rejoice in anticipation of Saviours of the society”.

He also read Luke 2: 1-7 to further buttress his point.

Commenting on the present predicament in the society, he lamented the senseless killings of innocent people on the basis of religion, when in the actual sense, he explained, people are from the same root and lineage.

He therefore urge Muslims and Christians to reconcile and forgive each other before the re-emergence of the Awaited Saviours. “If we don’t reconcile now, I live to see how we can be salvaged by Imam Mahdi and Jesus Christ. Though I am sure Imam Mahdi and Jesus Christ will reconcile us, it is better that we do it now. They are the melting point, so let us please live in peace with each other”.

While condemning the senseless killings from both side of the divide, Pastor Buru presented and distributed a book he authored titled,  “The Christianity That Makes No Sense”, in which he criticized the senseless actions of the few believers due to ignorance. “The cardinal command of Christianity is love, and love does no harm. A Christian is commanded to live with his enemy in the most difficult situation. Only a deviant Christian engages in senseless killings of his neighbours”.

Christian clergy said, the presence of Muslims in his church on Christmas should not be out of place, as it is to celebrate and anticipate the re-emergence of Awaited Saviours that both religions believed in. “We call you here not as guests, but as brothers and neighbours”,he stated.

He finally thanked Sheikh Zakzaky and his students for identifying with the Nigerian Christians in the noblest manner, which he said should be emulated by other Muslims for peaceful co-existence.

Responding on behalf of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Dr. Shu’aibu Musa extended good will message from the Leader of the Movement, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky to the Christian faithful on Christmas, and called for more collaboration to rid the society of unwanted bizarre religiosity.

He said, both Muslims and Christians are equally oppressed and therefore have a common enemy, and therefore called for closer ties to salvage the society.

Highlight of the occasion were a special song by Malam Rabi’u Tudun Iya on religious peaceful co-existence, songs of praise and feast.