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Lies, Calumny, Blackmail: “Islamic Movement in Nigeria is not a Shi’a organization” –Elrufai and Gang

By Abdulmumin Giwa
In their efforts to convince Nigerians as to why they are in an all-out war with the Islamic Movement Nigeria under the revered leadership of Sheikh Ibrheem Zakzaky (H), the government, especially the Kaduna state government, along with some half-baked, turbaned hungry scholars engaged themselves in feeding the public with lies, calumny and blackmail.

Actually, a general assessment of their mischief shows how they have failed to convince Nigerians woefully despite their relentless efforts. Hence, countering or responding to their lies became needless but for the need to put the things in the right direction.

The futility with which they are attacking and fighting the leader of the Islamic Movement and his followers has since displayed them in the eyes of the world as using the tool of authority to fight some personalized vendetta in fulfillment of some selfish whims and caprices and not because they care for Nigeria and Nigerians.

Starting with a claim made by the Kaduna state governor Nasiru Elrufai and one Ustaz Hamza Lawal, the head of an unpopular Shi’a organization in Kaduna called Al-Thaqalayn Foundation, that the Islamic Movement, under the leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky (H), is not a Shiite organization, for which Elrufai calls it ‘Kungiyar Alzakzaky’ (Alzakzaky Organization), claiming that there are Sunnis and Christians in it as well begs the question as to whether it is beneficial to Nigerians or not. They say that because there are Sunnis and Christians in it, it is not Shiite.

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria is NOT an organization just as the name movement suggests, that is why it cannot be registered. It is a movement in which those who subscribe to it are encouraged to practically implement the teachings of Islam as a system. It is a movement of people practicing a belief system. This explains why Shi’ah, Sunni and Christians feel at home being part of the movement. It is a uniting point for Nigerians and definitely beneficiaries of continuous division of Nigerians will certainly rise against it.

The Movement has established a bond of brotherhood among the diversity of people in Nigeria based on humanity, something greedy politicians, like Elrufai, are afraid of. It is uniting Nigerians and giving them a sense of direction. Elrufai and his gang have pronounced themselves as fighting the unity being established among adherent of Shi’ism, Sunni and Christians alike under the Islamic Movement. Why would one condemn such a bond just to foolishly prove to Nigerians that the Islamic Movement is not a Shiite organization because there are Sunnis and Christians among them if he truly means well for Nigeria and Nigerians? This is what Nigerians are hungrily waiting for, a platform that will carry everyone along, and that platform has been provided by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzkay (H) in the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

That was why when innocent Christians were attacked by Buhari’s supporters in 2011 when he lost election they ran to the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky (H) for protection and they were protected and treated with all gratitude.

More so, why are the Sheikh Zakzaky’s Sunni and Christian followers not complaining when it is said that the Islamic Movement is Shi’ah? Is because they accept it for what it is, it is Shi’a and they still want it. They accept and follow out of conviction and no one is forced or made to follow out of obligation.

If Elrufai could say such a thing it will not be worrisome because he is a politician and politicians are known for their hypocrisy. They pursue their personal whims by making the public believe they are doing it for them. The Prophet of Islam SAWA says there are three characteristics of a hypocrite: when he talks he lies, when he promises he fails and when you trust him he betrays you. This of course describes the Nigerian politicians and their mentality.

But it would certainly be worrisome when Elrufai is supported in this act of hypocrisy and injustice to fellow humans by a turbaned person that is supposed to be a Shi’ah scholar.

More so, the activities of the Islamic Movement, except for a few, are all Shi’ah based practices. These include among others, Ashura, Ghadeer, Nisf Sha’ban, Maulud Nabiyy, Arba’een, Maulud Zahra, Mawalud of other A’imma and the rest all of which they are commemorated in Shi’ah Hussainiyats and yet this unfair and unjust scholar is claiming that they are not Shi’ah just to please Elrufai and help him in his dirty work. It is really very shameful and unfortunate and is a disappointment to the Shi’a school of thought to have a scholar with questionable character.

One would be forced to ask what Shi’ah is when all these practices fail to make one a Shi’ite. Who then is a Shi’ite? Ask every Nigerian or non-Nigerian who Sheikh Zakzaky (H) is and he will tell you that he is the leader of the Shi’ahs in Nigeria including those who are now contracted by the Wahabi inclined government to fight Shi’a. Hence, there is no available logical way of convincing the public that Islamic Movement is not Shi’ah, or Sheikh Zakzaky (H) is not Shi’ah.

Those misguided Shi’as are dreaming that they will join hands with the Wahhabi government to eliminate Sheikh Zakzaky (H) for them so that they would now freely take position of leading Shi’ah scholars for their personal and material exploits as against Sheikh Zakzkay (H) who is standing for fairness and justice to humanity, are only deceiving themselves. They are not mindful of the fact that they are also working to eliminate themselves as well.

This is clear from the statement of one of the contractors, an avaricious and unreasonable man, the Wahhabi sect leader in Zaria, Sheikh Sani Yakubu who calls on Nigerian government to ban Shi’ism because they are unbelievers. He called on government to even kill his blood brother Sheikh Zakzaky (H) while you are conflictingly trying to remove Sheikh Zakzkay (H) from Shi’ism and convince Nigerians that he is not Shi’a that you are the Shi’ah.

The quasi Shi’ah scholars have become too blind to see that it is the same person that is using the two of them in his personal war against Sheikh Zakzaky (H) for being Shi’ah. He will use the quasi Shi’ah scholars to condemn Sheikh Zakzaky (H) and would use the Wahabi scholar to do the same against Shi’ah in general. It only shows how unintelligent and stupid the quasi Shi’ah scholars can be in pursuing their personal greed and avarice. Scholars in Shi’ism are men of amiable and admirable ‘Akhllaq’ not mischief schemers.

Nigerians are now watching as Elrufai and his quasi Shi’ah scholars and contractors are all losing in their game which is clear to everyone that they have failed even with the lies, calumny and blackmail that they have resorted to. The illusiveness that built their enthusiasm has failed them and they shall forever be hunted by it. On the other hand, Sheikh Zakzaky (H) shall recover and continue on his God-given position of a scholar with amiable and admirable ‘Akhlaq’ that has excelled above his self-appointed enemies.