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Liberty Radio Crew Condoles S. Zakzaky

ZakzakyOn Friday the 1st of Aug., 2014 More people troop to the resident of Shekh Zakzaky for condolence and prayers for the souls of the martrys. Crew from LibertyRadio Kaduna was among the groups who paid sympathy visit too.

The Reporter of Press TV also visited the Shekh and interviewed him on the incidence. 

The 7th day prayer was attended by thousands of Muslims from far and near. There were recitation of holy Qur’an, the supplication of Kumyal, Ziyarats as well as matam on the Karbala tragedy.

The Leader of the Islamic Movement said whatever calamity befells a believer should remember the calamity of Karbala as it was the highest form of calamity in the history of humanity adding that the calamity is very minute compared with the calamity of Abi Abdullahil Husain(Alaihis salam).

Among those who paid condolence visit include Sheikh Nur Das, Sheikh Saleh Zariya and Sheikh Bashir Lawal.