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Let the truth be told about Karbala, say scholars at Ashura Majalis in Bauchi, Nigeria + Pictures

By Khalid Idris Daoya
At the ongoing Muharram Majalis organized by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria on the second and third day in Bauchi, scholars invited were unanimously of the view that, despite the fact that the tragedy of Karbala has been widely reported and documented in popular religious books, people are still in the dark because scholars refused to say the truth on what actually happened in Karbala. The invited lecturers therefore called on Islamic scholars to speak out.

The Muharram Majalis is daily taking place at the Kobi playground in the central city area of Bauchi.

Malam Musa Gwallaga of the Qadiriyyah who spoke on the topic, “Ashura in Authentic Books of Predecessors”, said even enemies of Imam Hussain narrated the event of Karbala, cited as example Tarikhul Khulafa by Suyudi, books by Tirmizi, Mustadrak by Hakim and books of Ahmad Bin Hanbal.

Speaking on the divine status of A’immah (AS), the scholar explained that the world would not come to an end, until one of the Twelve Luminaries appeared who will salvage the world, as reported in the authentic books of Bukhari and Muslim. “Unfortunately, it was one of these Twelve Luminaries that was brutally killed for no offence, and we all kept quite! By Allah, we will speak out at the cost of our lives!” he stressed.

Malam Musa Gwallaga therefore called on Islamic scholars to fear Allah and tell their students the truth about Karbala and what actually transpired. “It is not too late for Islamic scholars to change the situation. We thank Allah for providing us with a steadfast and Leader per excellence, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, who brought to light hidden facts. We pray to Allah to fulfill his mission and protect him from enemies”, he added.

Commenting, the Ameer of Bauchi Malam Ahmad Yashi thanked the speaker for the enlightenment on a very important issue that affects faith and salvation, and called on people to intensify objective research on religious teachings.

Also in his lecture titled, “Who is Husain (AS)?” Malam Sadiku Inuwa Zubairu cited authentic references on the virtues and divine status of Imam Husain (AS) which included verse of Mubahala, and a Hadith reported by Ummu Salama over her dream interpreted by the Holy Prophet (S) to mean the birth of Husain and what tragedy that would befell him.

While citing the Hadith that described Imam Husain (AS) as a flesh carved out of the Holy Prophet, the lecturer further explained that, “One must rejoice with the happiness of the loved one, also grief on the agony of the loved one. That is real love!” he stressed.

Commenting, Ameer of the area, Malam Ahmad Yashi expressed appreciation to the scholars for honouring the invitation.