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Leader of Islamic Movement Closes Katsina Seminar + PIC

By Muhammad Isa Ahmad–   Ahl-Duthur (association of business men and women) of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria held its second two-day annual seminar on 5th-6th Rabiul Auwal 1433 (28th -29th January, 2012) at Katsina Multipurpose Hall,

with the theme: “Islamic Business Transactions”. Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sayyed Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) was the special guest speaker at the closing session.

 Malam Yakub Yahya on the morning of the first day delivered a lecture titled: “Shari’a Dues From Legitimate Earnings (Zakkat and Khumisi)’. In the evening of the same day, Malam Muhammad Mahmoud Turi delivered a lecture titled: “Sacrifice and Conscious effort Towards Legitimate Earning in the Life of An Islamic Activist”.

 Sayyed Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), enumerated the contribution of Ahl-Duthur to the Islamic movement, which he said cannot be over emphasized. According to him, such contribution has played  positive role in uplifting Islam. ‘It’s a known fact that the Shi’a world has a lot of high caliber business men and women who have contributed immensely in sustaining and uplifting various communities. The business entrepreneurs play significant role in giving legitimate financial dues (zakkat and khimisi) to the legal authority, while the legal authority helps in carrying out various support programmes like education development,  building and provision of educational facilities, social support poragrammes and many other assistance, for the sake of Allah’.

 Sayyed Zakzaky cited an example of an Iranian business man, who incurred lost of the sum of $6million, and on informing an Islamic schloar (Alim) of his predicament, the scholar ordered the issuance of the $6million the businessman lost saying, ‘it’s our duty to be of help to the person that has been faithful in giving out his legitimate dues’.

 Another example cited by Sayyed Zakzaky was that of a British counsel who attempted to bribe an Islamic schloar by giving out a cheque  of a certain amount as a bait, thinking that the schloar will swallow hook and sinker. However the Alim directed a written note on the cheque ordering his representative in UK to cash the cheque and distribute the money to the needy in UK. He also stated that it was on record that before the collapse of Shah regime in Iran, the government had been receiving loans from the scholars with great authority in the country (Marji authority).

 These clearl sacrifice and total submission to the will of Allah (SWT),he pointed out, brought relief and upliftment to the society, and other associated benefits that no amount of  bribe and temptation can redirect.

 Sayyed Zakzaky (H) described catering for the needy and that of the society as the secret behind sustained legacy of contribution. He pointed out that the secret behind long rulership of Pharaoh during the time of Prophet Musa (AS) was his habit of feeding the needy for a long time. He however said, when Pharaoh wase adviced to reduce the feeding, he met his timely death. This was as a result of providing least help to the needy.

 Sayyed Zakzaky (H) said, selfless service to Islam and humanity never translates to lost of wealth or poverty, but rather it is a secret to successful business.  Sayyed therefore tasked the Ahl-Dathur on self sacrifice and sincererity of purpose as a step toward the upliftment of Islam. ‘Never imbibe the habit of giving out when you have lots of wealth; contribute irrespective of your earnings, be it small or in large amount, Sayyed Zakzaky (H) said.

 Sayyed (H) also reiterated the importance of legitimate earnings by quoting the hadith that says:“The best person amongst you is one that is beneficial to humanity”. He also enjoined the Ahl-Duthur to be of benefit to humanity in specialized areas such as education, building of Hussainiya centers and support to students and the needy.

 Mal Abdul Kareem Husamatu on behalf of Ahl-Dathur expressed gratitude to SayyedZakzaky (H) for honouring the invitation. Members of Ahl-Duthur from across the country were in attendance.