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Layalil Qadr: Sheikh Zakzaky calls for extra night long vigil

By Ammar Muhammad Rajab
At day 18th day of the holy month of Ramadan Tafsir, Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqub Zakzaky (H) has called for extra devotional prayers during nights (Layalil Qadr- Night of Power or Eve of Destiny)-19th, 21st and 23rd with prescribed supplications. Below is the excerpt of the Leader’s statement:

“Today is the 18th day of Ramadan, and before us is night of 19th day, it is one of the first blessed nights. It is the first of the Layalil Qadr. There are additional devotional prayers during this night that can be found in Mafatihul Jinaan. Apart from the 20 units of Raka’ats (in the first ten days), the units is increased to 80 units of Raka’ats, totaling 100 during the night of 19”.


“In the night of 21, the units of the Raka’ats are 30, with additional 70 units totaling 100 units of Raka’ats). Also in the night of 23, after the 30 units of Raka’ats, additional 70 units of Raka’ats is increased (totaling 100 units of Raka’ats). There are additional prayers and supplications that one can do, according one’s ability and effort. These night are referred to Layalil Qadr (Nights of Power or Eve of Destiny), but only one of them is Laylatul Qadr.

However, as we stated o different occasins, Nisf Sha’aban (Mid Sha’aban) is indeed also Laylatuil Qadr. There is more than one Laylatul Qadr, but only one of them is truly Laylatul Qadr”.


“From what is narrated regarding Lailatul Nisfu Sha’aban (Night of Salvation), it is the night in which all things are written, while in these nights they are decreed or approved, or even disapproved, to a deserving servant, and finally in one of the nights what was approved or rejected are sealed and stamped. Therefore, all the nights (Layalul Qadr) are significant and equally worthy of observing. Do not single out a particular night (for exclusive devotion), they are all Layalul Qadr. Do not be left out of the blessings that will be decreed and approved to deserving servants in these