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Latest Update On My Ailing Father Sheikh Zakzaky- Mohammed Zakzaky

By Mohammed Ibraheem Zakzaky
Since my last writing dated July 7th 2019, in which I spoke of the disturbingly deteriorating state of my parent’s health; members of our Family including myself have been contacted by “prominent officials in Authority.” 

They promised to take all necessary steps to allow us to adequately attend to the urgent medical situation of my parents, in appropriate medical facilities outside of Nigeria. Since then certain preliminary steps have been taken by them to our satisfaction. However a whole lot more remains to be done.
Therefore, due to the urgency of the matter which the authority themselves have acknowledged; I wish to use this opportunity to urge them to spare no effort to speed up the process as time has clearly run out in medical terms. Although even now their health has continued to deteriorate, I can at least say that there is a process currently taking place. Within the next few days, I myself will write an update depending on how things unfold.
Even though I can state that some progress has been made, I cannot possibly understate the urgent nature of the situation; and the undeniable need to speedily get my parents properly hospitalized. If there continues to be progress as there has been in the last 2 days, I will say so, If the process becomes unreasonably slow I will say so; and if things unfortunately become deadlocked for whatever reason you will hear it from me or you will hear nothing.
Mohammed Ibraheem Zakzaky.