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Killing of Innocent Citizens: Democracy or Anarchy

By Mahdi Garba 
Just few weeks before the holiest month of Ramadan, an attempt to 
assassinate the Zaria-based Islamic Scholar who is the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky was made by Zionists entity in collaboration with the puppet government of Nigeria.

 Somebody may wonder the reason why they want to eliminate the sheikh. The sheikh held the Nigerian government responsible for the abduction of the 276 school girls kidnapped in chibok by the non-existence terror group, popularly known as

The sinister was taken by the Soldiers, believed to be Americans who came all the way from the U.S. under the pretext of rescuing the school girls from the jaws of Boko-haram. They ran away that Night due to the failure of the attempt, residents of the Gyallesu Area (residence of sheikh Zakzaky) were able to see the U.S soldiers that night although they  masked like Ebola Nurses. Till date the Nigerian defense headquarters says nothing about this foiled plot.

On the 23rd July, 2014, retired General Muhammad Buhari and his entourage escaped an assassination in Kaduna on his way to Katsina. Apparently, if Buhari was assassinated Northern Nigeria could have fallen into the chaos. Since Buhari is the Apple of the eyes of many interested in opposing the Jonathan Ebele Good luck.

Sheikh Dahiru Uthman Bauchi an Islamic preacher, on the same day general Buhari’s convoy escaped the ambush; Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi escaped the like of Buhari’s in the same Kaduna. It was on his way back home the undisputable attack occurred living many dead and some sustain various degrees of injury. The myriad disciples of Sheikh Dahiru could have arrange for vengeance on innocent citizens; seeing it will cost them arm and leg before getting a leader like him.

Friday 25th July, the same week in the same state, The Nigerian army fired bullets on peaceful pro-Palestinians protesters in Zaria, living 34 people martyred and about 100 sustain injuries. Three among the 34 killed were Sheikh Zakzaky’s children and one among the scores that were injured is  Sayyid Ali Ibraheem, son of Sheikh Zakzaky, In a country that claim to be based on principles of democracy and social justice. All the victims were babe in the woods.

The international Quds day is a day set by the pioneer of the Islamic republic of Iran, Imam Ruhullah al-Khomeini (qs) to express solidarity to the oppressed habitat of Palestine by the illegal state of Israel. Just as the United Nation declared September 15, as the international democracy day. Imam al-Khomeini (qs) declared the last Friday of the Holy month of Ramadan, as the International Quds day. In response to the call of Imam Khomeini, it was marked in 22 cities of Nigeria, but only Zaria’s procession end bloody.

People from different ethnic groups, social and religious background around the globe sympathized with Sheikh Zakzaky and praise him for his tolerance and endurance. Clergy men, traditional rulers, diplomats, University Dons, politicians, business tycoons, human right activists, media executives from different parts of the world commiserate with the leader, his family, families of other martyrs as well as his disciples while some congratulate him saying it’s a blessing in disguise.

For more than 40 days, after the dastard attack, people have been trooping to the Sheikh’s residence to say a word of condolence to him while others are flaying the Nigerian authorities for their unconstitutional shenanigan act. Letters of condolence have reached Sheikh sent to him from different places.

During the Eids (both Fitr and Kabir) in the northern Nigeria, it have been a habit people gather to celebrate the Durbar but the recent one was denied. These has clearly how some traditional rulers support the Zaria’s massacre. It had been published in many National dailies that some turbaned traditional rulers paid a homage visit to President Good luck Ebele Jonathan during the month of Ramadan, just some days before the attack on the Islamic movement.

Since the egotist traditional rulers claim to be Muslims who celebrate the murder of their brothers, allow to quote this verse that says “ thus they plotted a plan and we too plotted a plan which they do not perceive” and another Quranic verse that says “ see, then, how was the end of their plan that we destroyed them and their people all of them”

Most of the people killed during the procession were youth, who are said to be forging their future now. Ahmad is a final year student of chemical engineering at Shenyang University, China, and Hamid is a student of aeronautical engineering at Xeing University, China while Mahmud a student at the al-Mustapha International University, Lebanon. Those who knew these genius personalities said they are perfect example to the youth.

Despite this barbaric act, taking Sheikh Zakzaky to the end of his tether, the same lieutenant Colonel S.O Okuh, is still hunting some members who he sees as the movers and shakers of the Islamic movement. Sheikh Zakzaky, his son Arc. Muhammad Zakzaky and an Islamic centre of the movement popularly known as Hussainiyya Baqiyyatullah are among the murder’s target.

A day after the Quds killings, the Nigerian Army raided the Hussainiyya located at No. 1 Sokoto road, Zaria. In a democratic government, till date this murderer is still going freely without facing any trial.

The Nation of Friday, September 5, 2014 published a piece on a retired soldier who suffers always before collecting his pension after serving the Nigerian Government. Pa Gabriel Okon aged 101 with service number 4538 NMF hails from Odukpani local government area of Cross river state  cries out for help. Many retired soldiers in this country end up as Guards.

If the Nigerian authorities wants it citizens on the consensus that it security operatives are not murderers and this is a democratic nation; then bring S.O Okuh to book now! Because justice delayed is justice denied. Whether Okuh is persecuted or not, today or tomorrow certainly, he will bite the dust.

Mahdi wrote from Jos and can be reached at 07032645542