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Khatmah Maulud Imam Mahdi (AF) in Kaduna + Pictures

By Ibrahim Usman

Kaduna zone under the Islamic Movement of Nigeria has conducted Khatmah Maulud of the Awaited Saviour, Imam Mahdi (AF) alongside that of Sayyed Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), on Thursday.

Guest speaker at the occasion, Malam Muhamad Iyal spoke on the divine status of Imam Mahdi, the necessity for his emergence and the steps a Muslim should hold unto in order to be among his army.


The course of Imam Mahdi (AF), as he pointed out, is a very difficult and slippery one, steadfastness in strict devotion and special is the only remedies, and therefore urged Muslims not to relent.

Malam Iyal further explained that while in occultation the holy Imam has 313 special and confidential disciples, and that Sayyed Zakzaky is among them. “This is why his date of birth is thesame with that of the holy Imam. It is not accidental or sheer coincidence, it is pre-planned, and a pointer to the course Malam will champion and pave way for”, he said.

To further buttress his point, the speaker enumerated some of evil plots against Sheikh Zakzaky by past government without success. “This will show you that, he is designed and made by Allah for a special purpose that must be actualized through him”.

He said, the recent foiled attempt to assassinate Sheikh Zakzaky sould have been a lesson for the plotters, adding however that they would never give up their evil intention.

“With this favour that Allah has bestowed on us with the presence of Malam among us, Bothers and Sisters have no choice but to give their total allegiance and time to the cause, for “allegiance to the cause of Malam is synonymous with allegiance to the cause of Imam Mahdi (AF)”, said Malam Iyal.

He finally advised Brothers and Sisters to make some selected dua’s such as Du’a Nudbah, Du’a Farj, etc, a regular reading for steadfastness and perseverance in the painful period of waiting. “These prayers are a solace and comfort”.