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Khaled Mashaal to Rouhani: Complains of Zionists’ Atrocities

In a letter addressed to Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, Thursday, head of Hamas Political Office Khaled Mashaal bitterly criticized the mounting atrocities of Zionist forged regime’s atrocities against defenseless Palestinian civilians.

The letter begins with best salutations from Mashaal and on behalf of his brethren in Hamas Islamic resistance movement, and prayer for good health and success for President Rouhani, the Iranian nation and government to Almighty Allah.

“Attached, please find a notice on the public punishment unleashed by the Zionist regime as of ten days ago against the Palestinian nation both in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip,” reads the letter.

Mashaal has in the letter asked the Iranian president and nation, to continue their always rendered support to the Palestinian nation in their resistance against the Zionist occupiers of their lands and to make moves aimed at stopping the Zionists’ attacks.

The attacks started on Thursday, 13/6/2014 according to the letter, following the disappearance of three militia citizens of a Zionist township in Al Khalil occupied territory and included public punishment of the Palestinians both in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip.

Thousands of Israeli military forces invaded the A region, that is under the control of the Palestinian Authority, arresting hundreds of Palestinians, including elected Parliament members, university professors, merchants, students and social personalities, killing five more Palestinians in addition to their previous weeks’ murders, one of whom was a physically disabled Palestinian citizen.

Forcefully entering into the homes of a number of Palestinians and intimidation of families and siege of Al Khalil to prevent entry of food and medicine for more than a week now has been one of the notorious acts of the Zionists.

They have invaded a number of charity funds, and universities such as the one in Beir Zeit, the American University of Jenin, and the Al Qods University, sieging and shutting down the offices of Palestinian media centers.

The Zionist officials have meanwhile intensified their brutal methods against the Palestinian prisoners in most ruthless torture methods in the course of their interrogations.

Ever since the beginning of those atrocities the fighter jets of the Zionist regime, too, have been every bombing the densely populated Gaza Strip several times each day, in which a large number of Palestinians have got killed or wounded adding to the pains and sorrows of the Palestinian nation.

Among the objectives of such unleashed brutalities, Mashaal has referred to:

1.Focusing on attacks against Hamas, pursuing its activists, assassination of its leaders, members and activists both inside Palestine and abroad and shutting down social and media centers of that movement, on pretext of attacking the infrastructures of terrorism, as the racist-Zionists baselessly claim.

That is while the disappearance of those three Zionist township dwellers is still wrapped in a shade of ambiguity and no side has yet accepted responsibility for it.

2.The Zionist regime has meanwhile been trying to make the now two-month hunger strike of the Palestinian administrative officials who have been under arrest without any judiciary trial, trying to make them need their strike and to block the path for social sympathizing with those beloved on indie Palestine and abroad.

A large number of those hunger strikers in crucial health conditions have been transferred to hospitals and forcefully fed by Zionist officials, based on a law passed to permit them to do so.

3.The Zionists have meanwhile been trying to break the national Palestinian peace and the unity government that has been born from its context, and therefore, the Netanyahu, Zionist premier, began and propagation campaign against it ever since the first day after the disappearance of the three Zionist militia forces.