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Kaduna twin bomb blast: Sheikh Zakzaky alleges conspiracy, says Quds Day imminent

By Ibrahim Usman
“We refused to be convinced that, the current wave of bomb blasts in the country is the handiwork of an unknown religious group. Surely, those perpetrating these atrocities are the same people killing Palestinians in Gazza; their style and manner of operation remains the same”.

This was the statement made by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky at the end of 26th day Ramadan Tafsir, while commenting on the twin bomb blast that occurred in Kaduna, which led to the loss of many innocent lives, Wednesday. The Sheikh repeated thesame statement at the close of the daily Ramadan Tafisr on Thursday (24/07/2014)

The Leader of the Islamic Movement argued that, no individual or group with either religious or political agenda could detonate bomb in a densely populated area to achieve whatever goal. “This is irrational and unacceptable reasoning”, he added.

He attributed the bomb blasts to the handiwork of the wicked and hard-hearted people who can go to any length to actualize anti-human agenda for the selfish interest of their masters.

Sheikh Zakzaky stated that, President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria had written to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, sympathizing with him over what he described as Hamas’ atrocities on his people, while in the actual sense, he said, “the Israeli army is having a field day bombing Palestinian children, women and the aged, as well as destroying their residences in Gaza”.

The Leader also said, there was a prior plan in Nigeria to stop the conduct of Quds Day rally by staging bomb blasts as preventive measure, a move he said they had considered in the last two years without success. “Your effort will be futile, for we observe Quds Day in at least 22 cities, and you cannot detonate bombs in 22 cities. If we can conduct the rally in only one city, the objective of sending the message across will be achieved”.

Sheikh Zakzaky further stated that, because there was no way they could not stop the Quds Day rally, they resorted to this wicked act to actualize multiple objectives and imposed a 24- hour curfew immediately after the bomb blasts in order to cover up their heinous handiwork and further intimidate the people.

“They detonated the bombs, killed people and decided that no one should be seen outside in Kaduna for 24 hours! It was not the people that set the bombs; why not make effort in tracking the culprits? Because they did it, they then created an atmosphere where they can create more violence and a license to further kill those who will flout the curfew. This is irrational”.

He pointed out that, Quds Day rally is a global event observed globally, and that no other time is more appropriate to observe the rally than this time when Israel in exerting all its might on weak Palestinians, more than ever before. 

Sheikh Zakzaky wondered why they are apprehensive of the rally in Nigeria, when even Jews, Christians and leaders of some countries partake in such rallies. “I can’t understand why they are more concerned about the Quds Day rally in Nigeria that they want to stop it”.

Speaking further on the complicity of the Nigerian government in the current wave of atrocities, the Leader said it is crystal clear to all Nigerians now that the government is only but a toy in the hands of foreign powers, using it to their advantage.

Sheikh Zakzaky prayed that, the wicked acts on innocent citizens will boomerang, and the culprits will be engulfed in their evil plot.