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Kaduna Shurafa’u marks Maulud Nabiy

Ibrahim Usman
Kaduna Shurafa’u Forum, Saturday, marked birthday of the Holy Prophet (SAWA) at the Gamji Gate conference hall which was attended by people from far and near. The occasion witnessed speakers different topics.

Sayyidah Maryam from Kano spoke on “The Role of Sayyidah Zahra in Extending the Islamic Message”. She expounded the divine virtues of Sayyidah Zahra (AS) that is unparallel and status before Allah.

Describing Sayyidah Zahra (AS) as the pinnacle of all creation, she said, if all humanity were to possess only the love of Sayyidah Zahra they will be saved in the hereafter.

She explained that, the exemplary life style of daughter of the Holy Prophet was a driving tool that extended the message of Islam beyond shores.

She expressed gratitude to Allah for spreading the message of Sayyidah Zahra and her progeny in this time through the hands of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H).

In his speech, Sidi Ma’aruf from Kano discussed at length on position of Ahlul Bayt before Allah and their role as Guiding Stars among people.

Quoting references to buttress his points, Sidi Ma’aruf said no amount of worship is accepted in the sight of Allah with corresponding love of the Ahlul Bayt.

Also in his remarks, Sharif Alawiy from Kano called on Tijjaniyya and Qadiriyya schools to unite with their Shi’a brothers, for they are from the same root. “The Shi’ites are close to the root and there is need for others to tap from them”.

He lamented over the divisive tactics being used by enemies of Islam, especially among the different schools of thought.

Dignitaries at the occasion included Alhaji Ibrahim Musa Gashash, Pastor Yohanna Buru, Sarkin Sharifai and many others.