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Journalism: Iran as a Model.

The Former Director of Hausa Service of Radio Iran Mallam Ibrahim Akil described Iranian Media as the best in terms objectivity  and fairness in reporting.

The speaker expressed this to journalists of the Islamic Movement who attended a conference on Journalism organized by Almizan newspaper at Fudiyyah Islamic Center, Zaria.


Narrating his 12 yr experience in Journalism in Iran Radio, he explained that Journalism is a medium to get to people and educating them on various things that affect their lives. Perhaps, that is why Radio is tagged in Iran as Hadi (guide)- a guide in shaping people thinking , giving them knowledge and better understanding of things thereby raising their status, he explained.  He added that the mission of Iran media is to educate people in health, religion,  politics etc based on scale of justice, fairness and humanity without bias. These qualities, he said differentiate Iranian Media from the Western Media.

Bias in reporting characterized western media, he said,  citing the example of happenings in Bahrain as nothing in going on  while concentrating on Syria because of their selfish interest. The way report is carried out by Western Media always contain a hidden motive to blackmail Islam, citing example of a Tribe in Yemen which mainly Shias and felt maginalised and seek independent from the Government of Yemen. The Speaker explained Western media reported the incidence as shia-sunni fight, which is wrong.

The issue of Palestine in the Western Media was fully described by the speaker  as well as how Islam is being equated with terrorism by the Western media especially CNN and BBC.  However, with coming of Press TV and other Iranian media the world is now getting a fair and objective news on any happening in the world, he said.

Mallam Ibrahim called on journalist to use other social networking websites like facebook and twitter  as these takes journalism forward. He warned people of falling into victims of history by leaving behind bad deeds in all aspect of their lives.