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Ittihadu Shu’ara Kaduna organizes Maulud of Imam Mahdi (AF)

 By Ibrahim Usman
Ittihadu Shu’ara (Poets’ Forum) of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky Kaduna zone has on Friday commemorated the birthday of the Awaited Saviour Imam Mahdi (AF), alongside that of Leader of the Movement.

The event which took place at the Kaduna Markaz  in the evening, featured songs of praise and lectures by Malam Aliyu Bakin Ruwa and Shariff Muhammad Jawad.

Malam Aliyu Bakin Ruwa briefly discussed the government of Imam Mahdi (AF), whom he said supervises the affairs of people in the present day situation.

He pointed out that, the presence of the 12 Imams among the people as Guiding Stars, is a gift to the Holy Prophet whose glorification and servitude to Allah ahs reached the highest point of appreciation by Allah that earned him the name “Muhammad”.

Sheriff Muhammad Jawad spoke at length of Islamic reformers at various times in history to the present era in which he said, Allah has blessed the Ummah with yet another Reformer, Sayyed Ibraheem Maghribi (Al-Zakzaky).

He therefore urged the people to appreciate the Allah’s favour on the Ummah through unreserved allegiance to the Reformer, and also await the re-emergence of Imam Mahdi(AF) with the recommended supplications.

Poets who graced the occasion are Mailafiya, Awwal Kurmin Mashi, Salman, AbduWahab Baharin Bege and Alkazeem.