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Israeli settler crushed five-year-old Palestinian girl to death

Source: Palestine info

A 5-year-old Palestinian child was killed in a hit and run accident in Sinjil village, north of Ramallah, afternoon Sunday while her little friend was seriously injured.

A state of excruciating melancholy overwhelms the natives of Ramallah’s Sinjil village as they picked up a piece of news announcing the death of little five-year-old Inas Shawkat, run over by a car driven by an extremist Israeli settler afternoon Sunday.


As soon as the tragic news spread out, Ramallah’s streets got stuffed with pictures of the young casualty, whose death left an agonizing pain in the hearts and souls of her parents, relatives, and friends.

“Oh my God! For God’s sake what was such a beautiful angelic face killed for? What felony had she committed to be crushed and murdered by a settler’s car?” shouts Mouna Ahmed.

Palestinian medics said another five-year-old girl, identified as Toulin Omar Asfour, was left seriously wounded in the same accident that hit the two kids outside a kindergarten near Sinjil village.

“May my poor little daughter rest in peace!” Inas’s heart-torn mother said as she bemoaned her child’s tragic fate. “May Allah bless her innocent soul and those of all other Palestinian children.”

“This little kid broke our heart. What sin had Inas, an innocent child, committed to deserve such a callous revenge?” Sari Abdul Hakim wrote on his Facebook page.

By-standers at the scene said Inas and her accompanying friend were struck by a hit-and-run while they were crossing the main street in Sinjil, shortly after they came out of Kindergarten’s bus. The two children were rushed to the hospital in a very critical condition. Moments later Inas was proclaimed dead.

The murder of Inas Shawkat, among countless more unnamed Palestinian children, seems to have become part and parcel of the daily status quo in embattled Palestine.

“This is what ‘ceasefire’ is like under occupation. Even when a plain offensive is not being instigated, life in the West Bank and Gaza is still an everlasting carnage,” an observer said. “This is the perfect, yet notorious, embodiment of the ‘incremental genocide’ policies, normalized in the form of pre-planned onslaughts against the innocence of childhood.