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The Islamic Movement in Nigeria ably lead by its founder
Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), is blessed with a lot of personnel from different
works of live, including the medical field. 
In the initial stages, members of the movement with medical
skills, provide assistance to those in need of medical attention, with the
minimum that could be provided.
As the Islamic Movement increased in strength and adherents,
many more medical personal from different sections of a hospital settings like
Nurses, Pharmacist, Doctors, Laboratory Scientists, Bio-Medical Engineers,
Community Health Workers, First-Aiders and others were readily available. Those
who came later into the movement saw a first aid box at the Sheikh’s House,
indicating that activities of some medical personel had already started.
It therefore became necessary to co-ordinate the activities
of all members across the county, which resulted in the first seminar of the
medical personnel, thus formally establishing the Medical Team (now ISMA), of
the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.
The first seminar held on 6-8th J/Akhir 1422 AH // 24-26th
Aug. 2001 at Fudiyyah Islamic Centre, Zaria, with a theme “The Role of Health
Care In the Islamic Movement” was blessed with a closing lecture by Sheikh
Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). At the seminar seven (7) committees were established to
oversee the activities of ISMA.
1. Finance Committee:-
Was to co-ordinate its finances mainly sourcing. Voluntary
monthly contribution from members was mainly the source of income; others
include donations from individuals, organizations, and other arms of the
2. Publication Committee:-
Was to coordinate write-ups on medical fields from members,
for publication in newspapers like  Almizan and other news media for public
consumption. It was also to enlighten members and the general public on
preventive medicine and others.
3. Syllabus and Training Committee:-
Was to provide standard syllabi on the training of First-Aid
workers mainly and other aspects. It was also to coordinate and standardize the
training and refresher courses for members. Need for many first aid workers
became apparent when a lot of members of the movement were wounded during a
brutal attempted clamp down on the movement by the dictatorships in the country,
in civilian or Army uniforms.
The committee also was to assist members in gaining entry
into institutions of higher learning to further their education in different
medical fields.
4. Tabliq Committee:-
Was to prepare sessions of tabliq on Diseases and their
prevention to members and the general public. This committee also provide some
materials free of charge like soap, detergent, medicine etc to areas they
5. Tamsiliyya Committee:-
Was to stage plays or drama on contemporary medical problems
and preventable disease like Measles, cholera, and others, like the Tablig
6. Procession coordinating committee:-
Was to prepare proper plans and coordination of medical
services during national or local processions of the Islamic Movement that have
attendance of hundreds of thousands of participants.
7. National Coordinating Committee:-
Was setup to oversee the smooth running of the Medical Team
in general and coordinate the programs and activities of the sub-committees.
a.  To provide
comprehensive qualitative and up to date basic health care services to members
of the Islamic Movement and the general public.
b.  To re-establish
and maintain the leading role Islam has given to the field of Medicine.
c. To provide services within reasonable limits, for a
complete physical, mental and spiritual well being of man.
d.  To lay emphasis on
public health and preventive medicine.
e.  To establish
schools for training of all medical personal as is inclusive of a hospital
setting like Colleges of Medicine, School of Nursing and Health Technologies.
Furthermore to establish clinics, hospitals, laboratories, Pharmacies etc.
f.  To establish
contemporary research center with the aim of furthering the understanding,
prevention and treatment of diseases and also Biomedical instrumentations.
g.  To encourage the
training of first Aid to all and sundry.
h.  To prepare a
complete mobile like hospital with all its ramification for provision of
immediate assistance to local and international relief efforts during natural
disaster and others.
i.  To provide health
services according to the dictates of Islam.
j.  To provide these
services free of charge mainly.
k.  To provide
adequate contemporary media outfit for propagation of our activities and
reaching the general public.
l.  To instill
dedication and self sacrifice in carry out our duties and also elucidate the
principle of the Islamic Movement to our colleagues in the medical field.
We affirm that dissolution or reorganization of the ISMA, is
solely a prerogative of the Spiritual Leader.
Since its official inception, ISMA of the Islamic Movement
in Nigeria had conducted seminars and provided services within reasonable limits
to members of the movement wounded during unwarranted attacks by the
dictatorships in the country.
The theme of some of the seminars conducted were as follows:
i. The role of Health Care in the Islamic Movement.
Date 6-8th J/Akhir 1422 AH // 24-26th Aug. 2001
ii. The role of Medical Team during natural disasters and
social upheavals.
Date: Friday 7-9th Shawwal 1422 AH // 21-23 Dec. 2001.
iii. Quds day Massacre in Kano: lessons thereof.
Date: Friday 13-15th Safar 1423 AH // 26-28th April 2002
iv. The Significance of further Education and self reliance.
Date: Friday 22-24 J/Thani 1423 AH // 30th Aug – 1st
v. Preparation for Medical Emergencies, as World Arrogance
attacks the Muslim world.
Date: Friday 20-22 Z/Hijjah 1423 AH // 21-23rd Feb. 2003
vi. Prevention and control of communicable diseases and
promotion of Public Health
Date: Friday 19-21st J/Ula 1424 AH // 18-20th July 2003
vii. One day Seminar
viii. Medical Team, internal Review and expectations.
Date: Friday 7-9th J/Ula 1425 AH // 25-27th June 2004
ix. This seminar shall take place on Friday 7th –9th R/Awwal
1426 AH 15th –17th April 2005.
Members of ISMA, also provide skilled man power to some
hospitals whenever their staff went on local or national strike action.
Provision of medical treatment and relief to accident
victims, a major problem on our roads especially the high ways.
Provided assistance to needy patients on admission in some
Provided relief to the public during natural disasters like
floods, epidemics and social upheavals at different places in the country
including Kaduna, Potiskum, Yelwan Shandam, Numan, Kano, Yola, Illela, etc.
Members also organize seminars and public enlightenment
activities at their respective regions.
We also visit Qur’anic schools and Prisons to provide health
education and treatment within our limited resources to the sick persons.
ASSISTANCE: The activities of ISMA of the Islamic Movement
in Nigeria have been hampered by lack of adequate resources.
Donations towards assisting the ISMA, provide better
services and expand our activities would be greatly appreciated.
The secretary,
ISMA Medical Care Initiatives.
Fudiyyah Islamic  Centre,
P.O Box 686,
08035866200 08028819241 08036530608