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ISMA Seminar: Sheikh Zakzaky call for more selfless services

By Ibrahim Usman
The 20th edition of the Islamic Movement Medical Association (ISMA) has ended with a call on members for more sacrifices and public relations towards selfless services.

 The call was made by Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky at the end of the seminar of the Movement’s healthcare services unit, held at the Fudiyyah Islamic Centre, Danmagaji, Zaria on Sunday.
Sheikh Zakzaky said, seeking Allah’s pleasure should be the watch word for the healthcare practitioners in all they did, saying that it does not matter whether the society was appreciative of the effort or not.
He said, in as much as commendation ginger more efforts and criticisms discourage efforts, striving for the sake of Allah is the ultimate success that a Muslims should aspire as his ultimate goal in life. “This is the teaching of the Prophet’s Infallible Progeny (A’immah) that we should emulate”, he said.
He explained that, on so many occasion Brothers had sacrificed their lives to assist the community, but it had shown no sign of gratitude. “Ours is to offer the needed services needed by the society, reward is with Allah. Never mind whether the community is grateful or not, just do it for the sake of Allah”.
The Leader cited the example of a neighbor, whose house caught fire and some brothers sacrificed their live to safely bring out all his property and guarded it against theft, including his car, but showed no sign of appreciation. “If you do what is expected of you for the benefit of others, you have surely attained success; for those who do it to be commended or appreciated, it is a great failure. While putting your effort with others, do not mind those who want to sabotage your effort, just do it for Allah’s sake and you will surely succeed”.
Commenting on the selfless services being offered by ISMA, Sheikh Zakzaky described the relationship between the Movement and the society as very cordial, which he said, enemies of the Movement can never distort.
He however urged members of ISMA to intensify effort in that direction so as not allow the enemies break the existing cordial relationship.
To this end, he advised them to be more visible and active in affairs of the society in the time of calmness, and not only when there were emergency cases or crises. “ISMA and its logo should by now have become a household name and very well known to the people”.
Sheikh Zakzaky said, promotional material should be sponsored on aired by ISMA through the media on health-related issues in order to send its message across to the public. “You should not just be visible in times of crisis and people identifying you as a Shi’a organization. In as much as you are under the stable of the Islamic Movement, your job is for humanity and not exclusively for Shi’a purposes”.
Sheikh Zakzaky also warned against over loading during trips
 “Do not put your life in danger because you want to attend a programme. Prepare for the trip before the time. Attend a programme only when you can. Our programmes should be seen as well organized and in good conduct”.
These were the words of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky during the occasion.

Sheikh Zakzaky explained that, in as much as there is an imposed poverty among the people and they had to take commercial vehicles against their wish, care has to be extremely taken.

“If people are many, they can in a group hire a vehicle and also make sure that the vehicle is in good condition for the journey. This should be an issue for discussion, because the people we live together with look upon us and they copy what we do”.