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Islamic Movement Stands to Emancipate this Nation

By Dauda N D.
Buhari said that they must never allow any group to hold the nation to ransom under whatever guise. The islamic movement had and can never hold this nation to ransom. 

It stands for genuine change of the status quo not a fake change where those aggressors who held this nation to ransom suddenly turned out to be its saviours. But Buhari can allow imperialists and Zionists to hold this nation to ransom through mischievous plots so as to prepare ground for the perpetual control of our resources. Was that their deal in order to allow him rule Nigeria for the second time? He allowed them to butcher members of the Islamic movement.

The Army under brute Burutai were only accomplices. As if the brutal barbarism is not enough, they are trying hard to continue the massacre under the guise of Shia vengeance. This is yet another false flag. The society can never be fooled again. The Islamic movement stands to emancipate this nation from those who hold it to ransom for a century: These are the Colonial and neocolonial masters and their puppets either in Khaki or Agbada.

We depend on Allah. Our weapon is truth, wisdom, intellect, knowledge and genuine religion. We demand for justice. The rights of Our guardian, leader and mentor has been trampled upon. El Zakzaky (H) shows us how to tread the path of the Prophet, the Universal role model for the success of all human endeavours on the Earth. He must be freed unconditionally together with his wife and other brothers and sisters.