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Islamic Movement Organizes Thanks Giving for Hurras in Abuja

By Saminu Azare
Members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria at Abuja the Capital City had organized a thanks giving in honor of the Hurras ( Guards) in celebrating the victory of their second position at the National Guards Parade competition that took place in during Nisfu Sha’aban at Husainiyya Baqiyatullahi Zaria.

The occasion which took place on Sunday 2-Qulqada-1436/16-August-2015 at recreational Garden behind Area 1 shopping complex in Garki District, was attended by the Muslim Brothers and Sisters in Abuja and its environs.

The special Guest lecturer Mal Yusuf Abubakar Saminaka has expressed his special Appreciation to Almighty Allah SWT for His many blessings and Grace. He said “ We thank Allah who created us as human being and also includes us among the followers of infallible Imams of Ahlil Bayt(AS)- the door of repentance and gate of Paradise”.

Mal Yusuf said the official work of Hurras is very important in providing security and organizing every programmes  of the Movement and called on them towards sacrifice and commitment to the service of Allah SWT.

The scholar called on everybody to render effective and efficient services in order to project the good image of Islam and convey its good messages to the public,” we should try to avoid selfish interest so that the Satan will not find way in spoiling our act of worship” He emphasised.

He also urged members of Islamic movement across the nation to conduct themselves in an orderly manner, saying that during the life time of Sheikh Usman Danfodio where ever his followers happened to be they were easily recognized because of their good conduct, and advised everyone to give Education highest priorities because it is the solid foundation of every developed society.

hurras in abuja

hurras in abuja