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Islamic Movement Is Non-political Sect; It Has No Consensus On Political Candidate – Sheikh Yaqoub Yahaya Katsina

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu
Speaking on behalf of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria leads by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky(H) over the current widespread wind of involvement of the Movement in politics particularly ahead of the forthcoming general election, a leading member of the Movement in Katsina Sheikh Yaqoub Yahaya has extensively explained the stance of the Movement over the hearsay story.

Sheikh Yaqoub Yahaya also uncovered a clandestine plan to launched a fierce attack on peaceful members of the Movement after declaration of the election’s result.

While delivering a lecture at a Maulud Nabiy program organized by brothers and sisters at centre for the Movement in Katsina, yesterday 9/2/2019 in Katsina, Sheikh Yaqoub Yahaya Katsina has explained that:

"Islamic Movement is not a political sect, it was not established specifically on politics. The Movement therefore has no any decision-making that seeks general agreement among its faithful members on who to support or vote in the forthcoming general election".

"The aims and objectives of this Movement have therefore since remained cleared particularly to the enemies of peace and humanity that persevere to crush it by all means".

Sheikh Yaqoub called on all members of the Movement exclusively to stay away from involving themselves in the dirty politics in the name of the Movement or directly attributing the Movement to politics.

He further explained that, "We had since subscribed Islam ahead of their political system. The two are incomparable. We are going to live the same way the Holy Prophet lived with non-Islamic system of his time. The Prophet had not subscribed to non-Islamic system of his time and redress it for a better society neither he supported it. Is a call he made, on how to change the non-Islamic system. Therefore we remain on that path which is the same path Sheikh Zakzaky stands for".

In the long run, Sheikh Yaqoub Yahaya has exposed a secret plan unanimously agreed to be taken by enemies of Islam and humanity. He said, "Ahead of the forthcoming general election, they planned to launch a fierce attack on members of the Movement in various states nationwide after the election’s result was declared. According to the secrete Information that reached us, hoodlums were set aside and was arranged with them to violently attack members of the Movement in the name of excited state happiness for winning the election if they won. Contrary to that, they will also storm centres for brothers and sisters nationwide, attacking them and later attributed the attack on angry mob as members of the Movement caused the failure of their candidate.

Sheikh Yaqoub Yahaya has finally advised brothers and sisters of the Movement to stick to the prayers invoking Allah’s help to foil all evil plans of enemies of Islam and make Islam be the upper hand