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Islamic Movement Commemorates Demise of the Prophet(SAWA)

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sayyid Zakzaky Commemorates the demise of the Prophet on Satruday the 28th of Safar 1433 (22/1/2012).

The gathering was attended by thousands of people from far and near who listened to the speech of the Leader of the Islamic Movement on Prophet’s demise and surrounding circumstances.

The speech by the leader covered issues such as the sickness of the Prophet(SAW), the event of Thursday as reported by Ibn Abbas, his funeral and the happenings after his demise in the month of Safar.  The role of the Leader of all women in taking care of the Prophet(SAWA) at sick bed was described by Sayyid Zakzaky.

The Prophet’s request.

He explained that during the Prophet’s sickness (SAWA) many matters came up in which some scholars tried to give them different meanings, one of them was the request made by Prophet of a paper and pen to write a statement for the Ummah . This was done to avoid the political tendencies and opportunistic trends which the famous companions adopted to turn the caliphate away from the Ahlul Bayt (AS).

 Upon the request made by the Prophet one man replied impudently by saying  a word of disrespect to the Prophet(SAWA). The man further said ‘the book of Allah suffices us’. The leader noted the matter cannot be distorted as the event is well recorded in different places.

Disputes and disagreements which erupted among the attendants as a result of the statement made by the Man in front of the Prophet were discussed by Sayyid Zakzaky.  

Sayyid Fatimah(SA)’s sorrow.

 The Leader expressed that sorrow and distress filled Fatima’s heart when she became certain that her father was going to leave her for the other world. When the Prophet (AS) saw her very sad and distressed, he wanted to delight her. He asked her to come closer to him. He whispered to her something and her eyes were filled with tears, and then he whispered to her another thing and she began smiling.  

On the issue of ritual bath it was Imam Ali (a.s.), alone, who washed (ritually) and prepared the Prophet’s corpse for burial in accordance with his order. While washing the Prophet’s body, Imam Ali was assisted by Angels who turned the body. Fadl also was present; he helped to pour water on the body. The eyes of Fadl(RA) was covered with a piece of cloth as  any person who sees the privacy of the Prophet shall become blind.

Sayyid Zakzaky noted none of the disputers attended the funeral of Prophet neither the ritual bath.  Everything was done by Imam Ali(AS).

The prayer

The first who offered the prayer on the great corpse was Allah from above His Throne, then Gabriel, Israfil, and then the angels groups by groups. And then, Imam Ali (AS) offered the prayer on him.

When Muslims came to offer the prayer on the Prophet’s corpse, Imam Ali (AS) said to them, “No one of you is to be an imam (in the prayer). He (the Prophet) is your imam alive and when dead.”

Imam Ali (a.s.) was standing beside the Prophet’s corpse and saying, “Peace be on you, O prophet, and Allah’s mercy and blessings’ then they would say the same.

After the ritual birth and the prayer on the holy corpse , it was  Imam Ali (a.s.)  who buried  the sacred body in the last abode. The report that one man was standing and he threw his ring into the grave, on taking it from the grave he hug the body of the Prophet is unfounded.

The programme came an end with recitation of ziyara of the Prophet, Imam Husain and closing dua  by Sayyid Zakzaky.