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Islam without Allegiance to Imam Ali(AS) is incomplete-S Zakzaky

Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky delivered a speech on the event of Ghadeer on Wednesday the 18th of Dhul Hijah 1434 (23/10/13). The Leader, after normal salutation, started by congratulating the Ummah on the event. 

He also expressed profound gratitude to Allah for His mercy as ‘He include us among the adherents of wilayah of Imam Ali(AS)’.He said  eid ghadeer is best and the most important;  its also the eid of Ahlulbayt(AS). The Sheikh further expressed that all prophets(AS) commemorated this eid. According to Imam Sadiq, it is the best eid  being the eid in which the Prophet(SAWA) declared Ali(AS) as his successor.

Its celebration is of utmost importance. On the 18th of Dhul Hijjah, as part acts, it is recommended to visit Imam Ali(AS) in Najaf for its virtues and blessings. Other acts, according Imam Sadiq (AS),  includes fasting, Ziyara, supplications, sending salawat to the Prophet (SAWA) the sheikh noted.

He added that Its virtues include forgiveness of 60 years sin. Also, the reward of  feeding believers on that day is great.

In fact, this day is the most important of all days; it was on the day Musa won over magicians;  It was the day Yusha’u was appointed Khalifah of Musa(AS), also on it Isa appointed Sham’um. It is day of spreading love among the believers and Followers of Ahlulbayt(AS).

Allah said “This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion “. Surah Maida. The verse shows that Islam became perfected with wilayah of Ali(AS). With wilayah of Ali the Islam and favour of Allah became complete upon the Ummah.

Should the Prophet, being the last of messengers, departed the world without appointing his successor, it could have left many questions. Thus,  the necessity of Imamah. All Prophets left behind wasiy and the last of the all the ausiya is Abu Talib.

Still on the issue of Imamate, the Sheikh said It is a necessary condition for a believer to know his Imam and whosever dies without knowing his Imam dies the dead of Jahiliyyah, Knowing and following Imam is a must for all Muslims.

Ali is the wasiy of the Prophet(SAWA). At a place called Ghadeer Khum, the Prophet declared Ali as Leader of all Muslims after him. He declared all the the leaders of the Ummah upto the End of Time and following them guarantees felicity. The Wilayah of Ali is equivalent to the completion of favour. Islam without wilayah of Ali is not accepted by Allah. The Sheikh noted.

The message of Allah brought by holy Prophet was practically taught to the Ummah except the issue of Wilayah and Hajj which came last. Though, the Arab did performed Hajj in their own way, it  was adulterated; because the Arabs changed the Hajj of Ibraheem(AS).

So, the Prophet showed the Ummah the Islamic Hajj, he practically showed the Ummah how to perform the rites of Hajj.

The last issue is the declaration of Imamate. Before the declaration by the Prophet some events took place, like  one event when Ali was praying in Masjidil Haram, he pointed his little finger which had a ring, towards the beggar who came forward and took away the ring. Following the event, a verse was revealed "Verily, your Master is but Allah and His Apostle and those who believe, who establish prayers, and pay the Zakat while bowed in worship." QURAN: 5: 55” It occurred before everyone present and they all knew the meaning of the verse and its referral, Ie Ali bn Abi Talib(AS).

Another event was when Prophet (SAAW) was heard by the companions  praying to God to give him a successor as He gave to prophet Musa(AS).

Thus, the prayer of the Prophet was answered. The Prophet said that Gabreil gave him the news his request was granted, Ali was  made  his khalifah.Imam  Ali(AS), though not a Prophet, is greater than Haruna. In fact he is  greater than all other prophets sent before the Prophet Muhammad(AS) for obvious reasons.

The Prophet did not immediately declare Imam Ali as successor in Makka for fear of rejection by people. It was a great day with the Prophet because he was about to face a rejection greater than the rejection he faced in Makka when he declared his message.

The Prophet did not declared Imam Ali in Minna and Masjidil Khaif, out of fear of what may happen of rejection which could be a big tribulation.  The fear entertained by the Prophet had nothing to do with his being harm, rather it is a fear out of concern for the Ummah or fitnah.

So, the Prophet was ordered by Allah  to declare the message about the Imamate of Ali  “Declare what has been revealed to you from Your Lord, and if you do not, then your mission will not have been fully declared, and Allah will protect you from the people”.

Then the Prophet declared’ whomsoever I am the Master, then Ali is his master.’ He made the declaration at a place called Ghadeer along Madina-makka route and it was in the presence of over 100,000 to 120,000 companions, according to report.  Umar bn Khattab even congratulated Imam Ali on his  appointment as Khalifah of the Prophet(SAWA) and leader of the Ummah.

The prophet did not only make declaration of Ali as Leader he also asked people to practically pay allegiance to Ali. All the companions paid allegiance including women. Then the following verse was revealed: “This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion “ with appointment of Ali as Khalifah of the Prophet(AS).