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Islam is the only acceptable way of life in the sight of Allah– Shaykh Zakzaky at Gusau

By Dauda Nalado. The revered leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, his Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem    Zakzaky (H) was at the capital of ‘Shariah’ State.

He has not been to Gusau for similar occasion for the last eighteen (18) years. He was there for the closing session of the 23rd Annual National Conference on Islamic Thought slated on Sunday 20th May 2012. However a night session for the benefit of general inhabitants was organized on Saturday 19th. The Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria organized the program.

Sheikh Zakzaky (H) urged the audience to appreciate the fact that they are blessed by being human beings because they are raised above all creations. Above all we are Muslims. Islam is belief in the heart, utterance by the mouth and action by the joints. So as Muslims we have individual and collective obligations. People would be tried on the acts of ibadat and muamalat.

So a Muslim, asserted unarguably by Shaykh (H), is one who is contented and acts according to what the Prophet (SAWA) brought. Muslims are therefore not Arabs, Hausa, Fulani etc,. Islam, though established in Arabia, is a universal message. It transcends all tribal or ethnic barriers. In Nigeria people assert erroneously that we have one nation, one destiny, there is no difference in religion!

As a Muslim, blessed with the intact Qur’an and Sunnah of the noble Prophet, how can you degenerate and say that you are all the same with that one without those valuables? It is therefore helpful for us to tell the truth to our brethren in Nigeria that Islam is the only acceptable Religion with Allah. We should also act to that effect. It has become incumbent upon us to call others. We should not take Islam for granted.

 Our Land has an Islamic legacy. Empires rise and fall. Similarly our current Nigerian set up would be history. There is an Empire now trying to rule the World through tyranny and aggression.- the United States of America. They occupied Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and now trying Syria. They also vie at the vast resources in Nigeria.

 Sheikh (H) reiterated that, as Muslims in this country, we have burden to be asked by God. We should express the truth. Otherwise we would be charged in front of God. Unfortunately our religion, Islam is being tribalized. We should emulate the companions of the Prophet whose struggle brought Islam to us. We must call  other people to Islam. Otherwise in the hereafter they have right to challenge us that we concealed the truth to them.


The way out for us, emphasized Malam (H) is the methodology set by the Noble Prophet. In our times, Shehu Fodio and Imam Khumayni (QS) emulated such ideals. Sayyid (H) prayed for the quick emergence of the one who would spread justice on Earth after it has been adulterated. He also prayed for the unity of Muslims. He prayed for the understanding of non Muslims that Islam is the only acceptable Religion with God.