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Islam and Muslims in Southern Nigeria- by Sheik Onyagwuca and Sheikh Tajudeen

Activities were conducted as planned in the night schedule on the 3rd day of the of the Unity week organized by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. Two speakers, one from Southwest and the other from southeast made their presentations.

The chairman of the occasion was supposed to be M. Miftahu Zakari from Ibadan but was unavoidably absent.  Malam Muhammad Turi was assigned to replace him.


        Sheikh Dawud Onyagwucha                                                                                       Sheikh Tajuddeen

 The first speaker, Shaykh Dawoud Onyagucha, the chief Imam of Owerri, observed that the Muslims in Nigeria in general and those in the south east axis in particular lack leadership. He noted with dismay that no any Muslim leader ever visited the Muslims that are either resident or went for petty trades in the south east to commiserate with them on any eventuality. This contradicts the Christian Igbo elder men who frequent their brethren in the North for such unfortunate events. Shaykh Dawoud stated some of the problems faced by Muslims in their axis:

They have half baked scholars, the Muslims there are disunited and some people are regarded as scholars only through inheritance. Shaykh Onyagucha then urged Islamic scholars from the North to
frequent visits to southern People. He noted that the south east people are tired of Christianity. The Churches are filled with women and children only.

In conclusion, he enjoined Muslims to follow the steps taken by the Islamic Movement in bridging any difference in respective of tribe or location. He emphasized that he saw real leadership qualities exhibited by Sayyeed Zakzaky (H). He expressed gratitude for the invitation given to him and prayed for continuous progress of the Movement.

Shaykh Tajuddeen, the chief Imam of Shaki, southwestern Nigeria, spoke extensively in the Yoruba language. The speech was translated to Hausa for the benefit of the audience. Shaykh Tajuddeen explained the situation of Muslims in their axis. He noted that there are differences in the mode and procedures of the conduct of Maulud here as compared to their area. He also informed the audience that he discovered a lot of mischievous information being spread about the Islamic Movement in their area. He vowed to correct the misimpressions when he goes back home. He also pledged to continue to grace such important and highly educative occasions in the future.

Dauda Nalado.