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By Jonathan Azaziah
Let it be known that the Islamic Republic of Iran DOES NOT MESS AROUND! Following the criminal and cowardly Takfiri attack on the Iranian capital of Tehran, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) immediately went to work to track down the terrorist network.

 Intel gathered inside Iran and inside Syria–where the IRGC has many moujahideen steadfastly fighting alongside the Syrian Arab Army in defense of Syria’s territorial integrity as well as protecting holy shrines threatened by Zion’s Khawarij–pointed to Syria’s oil-rich eastern province of Deir Ezzor, a central hub of ISIS, as the origin point from which ‘Israel’, America and Saudi Arabia recruited their goons for the shaytanic assault that would ensue.

Immediately after authenticating the discovered proofs, at dawn on June 18th, the IRGC’s Aerospace Division, commandeered by Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, mobilized its Strategic Missile Force into action at its bases in Kermanshah and Kurdistan. Six solid-fueled medium-range ballistic missiles (SRBM) known as Zolfaqar, the latest variant of the mighty Fateh-110 and another manifestation of brilliant Iranian Mouqawamist Innovation, were launched and traveled 650-700 kilometers before hitting their targets directly with frighteningly accurate precision. Masha’ALLAH! A whopping 400+ terrorists were sent to the hellfire upon impact and headquarters, hideouts, ammunition stockpiles and logistics depots were also destroyed. Most incredible of all? The IRGC said that this DEVASTATING strike was merely a warning and if ANY other scheme is undertaken to harm the Iranian people, the flames of the Islamic Republic’s rage will burn what remains of the Takfiriyeen to ashes. The aforementioned Brigadier General Hajizadeh was even more defiant, “Our enemies must know that Tehran is not London, nor Paris. This was but a small job and if they [the terrorists and their masters] put another foot wrong, more deadly blows will come down on their heads.”

It gets better still! The very moment that the news hit the wires about Iran’s successful and crushing operation, the usurping Zionist entity went into full-blown Jewish-Kvetching-Meltdown-Mode. All of the major ‘Israeli’ papers and websites as well as Jewish community media in both the US and the UK blew one gasket after another. There were calls for more sanctions on Iran along with other punitive measures to “contain the Persian threat”. One Jerusalem Post report is titled, “Iran missile struck ISIS but is also aimed at US, Saudis, ‘Israel’”. Another piece, from Ynet, written by Mossadnik Ron Ben-Yishai who is known for having a pulse on what the genocidal ‘Israeli’ leadership is thinking, aptly articulated the kind of panic that was spreading throughout the tumor, “Missile strike on ISIS turning Iran into a world power”. There was also the usual Zionist deception and psychological warfare, with the Times of ‘Israel’ citing “sources” that believed Iran’s retaliatory strike was a “flop”, but nearly all other ‘Israeli’/Jewish reportage, not to mention Netanyahu being visibly shaken down to his rotten core, reveal EXACTLY what ‘Israel’ and its “chosenite” auxiliaries are thinking.

While we may be dealing with missiles, this ain’t rocket science ladies and gentlemen. Of course the artificial and virus-like Jewish supremacist regime is shocked and mortified about the loss of so many of its Takfiri Goy Golem shock troops. And OF COURSE ‘Israel’ is even more shocked and mortified about Iran having such capabilities and how these capabilities can turn the tide of the lingering battles in the Zionist conspiracy against Syria. But this is about the bigger picture. The much, MUCH bigger picture. Indeed, if this is what a handful of Iran’s mid-range projectiles can do… Just imagine what the LONG-RANGE babies will deliver when they begin raining down on “Tel Aviv”, “Eilat”, “Ashkelon” and all the other illegal Zionist colonies built on Palestinian land and bodies during the Nakba (and before). ‘Israel’ can feel the proverbial walls closing in and it can hear the clock tick-tick-ticking away on its miserable existence. Iran avenged the Tehran martyrs with the Deir Ezzor maneuver, no doubt. In doing so however, Iran has done something even more spectacular: Moved up the Zionist project’s time of expiration one more notch. Striking Star Salute to the Islamic Republic of Iran–Magnetic North and Beacon of Yaqeen (Certainty) to Anti-Zionists everywhere.