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Iran @33: Sanctions, War and the Future of Islam

Iran @33: Sanctions, War and the Future of Islam. -Buhari Bello "…… whether the West likes it or not, the path taken by Iran is the one that will ultimately be taken by the rest of the Muslim  world" –Adamu Adamu.

 The world is fast changing for good. A change unanticipated on the historical, political and economic arrangement of a world characterized by  equality and inequality, development and underdevelopment, justice and injustice, affluence and poverty, morality and immorality, reality and uncertainty, etc. These contradictions in a world blessed with abundant mineral and human resources, has being at the epicenter of war and crisis among global community. Selfish interests and egotism has been at the centre of conflicts, greed, oppression, and injustice around the world. No doubt, world inhabitants have lost hope of redemption, especially the Muslims, who were not only tamed and confusion on how to survive and fulfils their religion obligations as commanded by Allah and explain and practice by the Holy Prophet (saw). The hegemonic centres of gravity, over the years have ensure Islam is not only ridicule, but, the consciousness and virtues of Islam as practices and explained by the Holy Prophet (saw), is completely erased from the souls and bodies of Muslims; thereby, destroying the spirits of willpower, courage, consciousness, solidarity, brotherhood and unity among the Muslims community.  February 13, 1979, was a day of destiny.

A day, the mercy and blessing of Allah (Swt) descended on the Persian Gulf, in the old city of Tehran. A revolution took place and changes the history and socio-economic arrangement of the world. A revolution, inspired by the teachingand guardianship of the light of Allah “Ruhula Khomeini”;  and changing the destiny of the Muslims population for good. A day that showcase the beauty and willpower of Islam in the hearts and souls of Muslims to change historic injustice and hopelessness into culture of purity and righteousness as commanded by Allah and His noble Messenger (saw); thereby entrenching and consolidating the religious ethos of Allah back to the mind and souls of Muslims.

Ruhula Mustapha Musawi Khomeini was the name of the great soul that brought Islam back to the zenith of global reckoning.  Although, Muslims were meant to believe it was a shia revolution, not Islamic one; but, the enemies of Islam, knew vividly that it was an Islamic Revolution. An Islamic revolution which made an ever lasting impression in the souls and bodies of millions of Muslims and humanity across the world; a revolution that proven certainly, Islam, has the capacity and tendencies to move people into revolutionary consciousness and change; a revolution which debunk the theoretical bunkum and intellectual perfidy of the Marxian scholars and leaders, who view religion as the opium of masses, unable to inspire revolutionary consciousness and change the exploitative tendencies of the belligerent masses; a revolution through the overwhelming support and social disobedience of the masses to unproductive, immoral and puppetries leadership; a revolution that uproot the culture and system of secularism and replaced it with that based on “There is no God and Authority except that of Allah”.


This is classically, the historical realities of the Islamic Revolution in Islamic Republic of Iran. 33 years, after such historic turn of events, a nation under the Sharia of Allah (SWT) is still standing firm, with confidence and courageous leadership, who are not afraid to call a spade a spade. A nation that, defer all contemporary global deception and bullying of countries that thoughts it is their birth right to command, destroy and kill anybody at will. No doubt, the foundation of Islamic Republic of Iran has not only destroyed the global foundation of injustice and oppression, but, mark the beginning and relevant of Islamic system of governance in contemporary global reality to the chagrin of Muslims themselves. Interestingly, ever since, the arrival of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it never hide it Islamic identity and the need, to assist Muslims around world from the shackles of injustice, oppression and destruction of Islamic creed. While other, nations and Muslims shy away, from their statutory responsibilities, the Islamic Republic has to shoulder these historic responsibilities against the condemnation and name calling by not only the enemies of Islam, but, Muslims themselves.

I say this, without fear of contradiction, it is not the Islamic Republic of Iran as a nation that global occupiers fear most, but, the Islamic characters and quality of leadership of the country they fear most. Also, the Islamic consciousness and current Islamic reawakening and return of Muslims to Islamic creed, that the Islamic Republic is championing through assistance, dialogue, consensus and mutual love and respects across the world. If the Muslims have lost touched with their historic past, the enemies of Islam have not; they knew vividly the tenacity of Islam to change a society of unbelief and injustice into a society, where obedience to Allah, moral uprightness and justice will prevails. The past Islamic historic  is fulfils with the aromas of consciousness, willpower, courage, universal brotherhood, unity, solidarity and bravery of Muslims, which have dotted the books of history,  is what the global occupiers and international Zionism fear most.

The enemies of Islam are fully aware of various promises of Allah (SWT) to his servants in various verses of the Holy Quran if they adhere strictly to His sanctions laws and instructions. Allah is saying ”Allah has promised to those of you who believe and do good that they will most certainly make them rulers in the earth as he made rulers those before them.

And that he will most certainly establish for them their religion, which he has chosen for them. And that he will most certainly, after their fear, give them security in exchange; they shall serve Me, not associating aught with Me, and whoever is ungrateful after this, these it is who are the transgressors”. No doubt, today, we are seeing the Islamic symbols of steadfastness, courage, will power and relying on Allah alone as a source of victory, protection, and mercy by the behaviours and characters of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The tenacity and determination of the Islamic Republic to withstand hardship, sanctions and frustration is classically case of sacrifice and courage by a country and people to protect the creed and religion of Allah from humiliation and destruction from both its internal and external enemies.  

 33 years of unlettered resilience, patience, steadfastness, determination, dedication and deception against the good and spirited people of the Islamic Republic of Iran; yet, a close observation what one observed is nation matching into history with ground breaking discovery and transformation amidst sanctions, impeding war and global conspiracy. The Islamic Republic from my close observation and practical reality has hold firmly unto the rope of Allah and his messenger (saw). A nation whose slogan can be equated to a verse of the Holy Quran “Say: nothing will afflict us save what Allah has ordained for us. He is our Patron, and on Allah let believers rely”.

The enemies of Islam are panicking and frustrated by the dexterity of the Islamic Republic of Iran to have survived this long amidst sanctions, impeding war. 33 years of sanctions and economic strangulation seem not to be working; now they are planning attack as usual, unfortunately, they are not only confused on how and when to start; but, the confidence, determination, and resilient of the Iranian leadership and spirited people in engaging them in any kind of warfare and conflicts, seem to scare them to their bone marrow.

The bullies failed to appreciate that the Islamic Republic has been nurture by the spirit and sacrifice of Imam Hussein (as) with the tragedy of Ashura in Karbala. A nation that have survived global conspiracy, deception, blackmails, humiliation; a nation whose trust and protection is on Allah as he has protected Mecca during the invasion of Abraham Armies of elephants; a nation that is saying to the enemies “Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with the companion of the elephants”. As Muslims leaders and nation seem to be retreating back to their shell of incompetence and spiritual emptiness, the Islamic Republic is riding on the spiritual and material arena of confidence, perfection and self sufficiency. Muslims must understand and appreciate the fact, that the Islamic Republic of Iran is suffering from sanctions and economic sabotage of large scale, because of daring to speak and assist  Islam and Muslims from humiliation and destitution.

The Islamic Republic seem to be the only voice  that condemned global unslot against Islam and Muslims in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Bahrain, Somalia, Syria, Libya, with the wisdom of Suleiman(as), bravery of Moses (as) and the patience, logic, intellectual and spiritual perfection of Muhammad (saw). Intellectual and spiritual engagement is the best weapon and companion of belligerent Muslim population; not necessarily suicide bombing or killing of innocent people as champion by some disgruntle Muslims groups. Doing the former only assist the enemies of Islam in ridiculing and blackmailing Muslims and Islam as a creed that promote violence and killing. In reality today, the bloods of Muslims are not sacred, as its use to be before.

The blood of dog or pig is far better and attracts condemnation than that of Muslim, when kill. This is definitely sad and only confirmed that, Muslims have left Allah and Allah Has left us to our predicament, confusion and suffering, as confirmed by a verse of the Holy Quran where Allah is saying that; “He who turns away from remembering Me, his life will be burdensome”. He also told us that; “Allah does not change the condition of any people until they first change what is in their hearts” (Surah Al-Ra’ad 13:11).   

 It is interesting to say, the Islamic Republic of Iran has made enough sacrifice for Islam and Muslims, ever though I knew vividly, they are doing so, due to the manifest destiny Allah has bestowed on their shoulders . It is important for Muslims and passionate humanity, not to seat and watch the destruction of the global community through the ill inform war mongering around the Persian Gulf, by these bankrupt democracies, whose survival lies on war economies, mutilating, maiming and killing the souls and splitting the blood of innocent humanity to appease the gods of international Zionism and selfish interests of global few. I say, this without fear of contradiction, but, based on empirical evidence and reality; any war or attack on Islamic Republic Iran is a declaration of Third World war, as highlighted and explained by intellectual expository of Michel Chossudosky in his new book titled “Towards a World War III Scenario: The Dangers of Nuclear War “just released to the intellectual market last week. It is a book and companion for spirited and good people around the world that are concern on global peace and stability.

I think it is important for global humanity not only Muslims around the world, to realize the dangers and direction the greed, avarice and occupational tendencies of some few cliques of leaders and their patrons are leading us to.  If the Muslims world and spirited humanity stay aloof and watch without any concern, the destruction of Islamic Republic of Iran in the current debacles and global gang-up, due to their inclination to Shiasism or Islamic fundamentalism that we disperse so much, we shall do so at our own peril. As for Muslims I will only say, it is history in the making and the future of Islam is at stake, whether we agree with the Islamic Republic religious inclination or not. We should remember Allah has promised to raisepeople that will fight for His religion and protect it whether we like it or not. Allah is saying: “O ye who believe! If any from among you turn back from his Faith, soon will Allah produce a people whom He will loves as they will love him, lowly with the believers, mighty against the rejecters, fighting in the way of Allah, which  He will bestow on whom He pleaseth. And Allah encompasseth all, and he knoweth all things Q5:54.

To my mind and in my private reflection and contemporary reality, I cannotpinpoint any country or group that best fit into this reality, than, the Islamic Republic of Iran. But, if there is any, I really need to be educated by anybody; no doubt, it is not the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen or any country for that matter? But, as I said, I may be wrong and I want to beeducated please.     

The current geopolitical strategy, gang up and economic sanction and sabotage against the good and spirited people of Islamic Republic of Iran reminiscent the strategies of the old order against Muslims during the now rested Ottoman Empire. I believe this conspiracy and gang up through war mongering, will only strengthen the resilience, determination and spiritual perfection of leaders and people, who were nurture by the spirit and sacrifice of Imam Hussein during Ashura in Karbala. For people who were promise an awaiting saviour and liberator of mankind, Imam Mahdi (as), what will scare them, from mere mortals and immoral cabals? The hegemonic centre most realized and appreciates the fact, that, Islamic Republic of Iran is now a regional power in the Persian Gulf and Middle East, therefore they deserve respect and the need to collaborate with them in building everlastingpeace and stability in a region that is critical to the survival of socio-economic realities of the world. No doubt; the Islamic Republic of Iran is the new kid in the bloc; the new promoter of the new spirit of détente; a balancer of power and terror in the Persian Gulf; checkmating the bullying, hostility, brutality, killing and insensitivity of the genocidal and illegal state of Israel.

For Muslims, it is better for them to accept and open up their heart and souls to the contemporary reality against their religion, and foster unity and solidarity among themselves and hold unto the rope of Allah as the source of their strengthen, saviour, helper. No doubt, in the Islamic Republic of Iran lies the future of Islam as expounded by the verse of the Holy Quran where Allah was saying that, “And if you turn away (from Islam and the obedience of Allah and his Messenger), He will substitute you for some other people, and they will not be like you” Quran 47:38. As Islam and Muslims enter a critical stage of its metamorphosis, rediscovery and survival, we can only pray for Allah’s support, assistance, wisdom, protection and good health on our leaders, teachers, motivators and guardians towards Islamic renaissance. We also, pray for unity and solidarity among Muslims and humanity against occupying armies of international Zionism Amin.


Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega

Wrote from Wuse Zone 4, Abuja