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Intl Quds Day in Kaduna: We wish Police shall use such force on Kidnappers and Bandits Not Peaceful Protesters – Sheikh Tirmidhi

Sheikh Aliyu Tirmidhi who spoke on behalf of those 5 people killed by the Nigerian police in Kaduna during the peaceful Quds protest says the protest was to show support for the oppressed people of Palestine who are facing mass genocide perpetrated by Israel.

He said this to oppose the statement by the Kaduna state police command through its spokesperson Mansur Hassan who denied killing any of the protesters, saying they became violent when approached by the police, resulting in a few arrests and the recovery of assault weapons.

Bodies of five martyrs were publicly displayed during a funeral prayer for the world to see the victims of the Police crackdown in Kaduna. 25 people are receiving treatment in various hospitals in Kaduna.

Sheikh Tirmidhi says the peaceful protest was to commemorate International Quds Day on the last Friday of every month of Ramadan to show support for the oppressed people of Palestine who are facing mass genocide perpetrated by Israel.

Quds Day 2024, five killed by police in kaduna
Quds Day 2024, five killed by police in kaduna

He expressed that, “This activity has been sustained for the past thirty years in major cities of Nigeria and has always been peaceful as do other activities we engage in over the decades.

“Unfortunately on Friday 6th, 2024, the well-organized peaceful demonstration staged by unarmed men, women, children and even the physically challenged, to sympathize with the Palestinians and condemn the genocide being perpetrated by Israel in Gaza, the police with full combat-ready force came in tens of vehicles carrying heavy arms and clampdown on the peaceful demonstration.

“Not minding who was there, they started by throwing teargas and simultaneously shooting sporadically at women, children, physically challenged and men and onlookers present there, without any provocation.

“As a result, they killed five innocent persons, including minors, and injured 25, with some of them in very unstable situations. Those killed include Mahmud Umar, Ibrahim Rabiu, Haidar Ishaq, Mustapha Buruku, and Ahmad Mustafa.”

Mr Tirmizdhi said to the dismay of the general public and those who were present at the incident, the Kaduna Police Command, through its spokesperson, addressed the press and gave a contrary statement claiming that they never fired any shot.

“We stated here that, this is extremely economical of the truth and very shameful,” he said.

He said another lie by the police command was that “we were arrested with deadly weapons, while everyone knows us when we are conducting our activities, apart from the flags that we are raising. we don’t carry anything.”

There are video clips, still pictures, and even media reports available to prove this, most of which are already viral on social media.

He said even the government of South Africa is at the International Criminal Court (ICC) challenging this crime against humanity while Kaduna Police Command is killing those lending their voices against the genocide.

“We wish the police would use such force on the kidnappers and bandits having a field day in the state and comb them out of the bushes. Unfortunately, it is the other way around.

On a final note, we wish to state categorically that we are not going to accept this extrajudicial act perpetrated by the police and shall seek legal redress before a competent court of jurisdiction in the country.”

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