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Internet Forum visits Kaduna, Bauchi, Kano

By Ibrahim Usman
Internet Forum, a unit under the Media Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, has visited Kaduna and Bauchi as part of its on-going awareness campaign on the usage and abuse of the internet.

 The Forum was received by the Kaduna arm of the Forum led by Malam Awwal Sharif at the Kaduna Markaz, located in Zango, Tudunwada Kaduna.

 Leader of the delegation Malam Ibrahim Daurawa said, the Forum was formed to enlighten as well as to control the usage of the internet among members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the spiritual guidance of Sheikh Zakzaky (H).


He said, the effort became necessary in view of the manner people use the internet, especially the social media that totally contradicts the cardinal objective of the Movement, through derogatory postings and remarks. “After series of discussions with some stakeholders in the Movement, we found it necessary to intervene and save the situation”, Daurawa added.


Daurawa therefore urged users of the social media among members of the Islamic Movement ot ensure sanity and maturity while online, adding that their dignity and character is always at stake when dealing with the outside world through the internet.


He informed members that, the Forum will embark workshops for intensive training of members on computer studies and etiquette in the use of internet and smart phones on regular basis.


Malam Abbas Abdullahi and Malam Aliyu Musa, internet wizards, gave participants insight into the proper usage of computer and smart phones via the internet, and how to communicate effectively without compromising one’s dignity and morality.


The duo reminded people to beware of what they write in Facebook, Twitter Whatssup, etc, saying the platform is a global market where one’s product is always displayed so fast and the world quickly responds, positively or negatively.


The Forum was also in Bauchi and Kano with similar message. Leader of the visiting team informed chapter of the Forum in all states visited that, the Forum is compiling a documentary of the last Arba’een Trek to Zaria for review.