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International Qud’s Day, Zaria Massacre, Nigerian Army and Wahabism in Nigeria

By Ammar Muhammad Rajab
This year’s annual International Qud’s day comes with special processions around the world due to the continued aggressive responses of the illegal state of Israel against Palestinians. People who choose humanity above all labels, came out en masse around the world to show their solidarity to the oppressed Palestinians and woes to the Israel. In Nigeria, over 20 cities including the federal capital territory, Abuja members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky held this year Qud’s procession. 

This year’s procession ended peacefully except in Kaduna, where the Nigerian Police use live ammunition on the protesters were they injured 3 and arrested 12 protesters.

While giving an open invitation to Muslims and the world on August 7th, 1979 to observe the day, Imam Khomeini of blessed memory said "I invite Muslims all over the glove to consecrate the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, which is a day of fate and which could also become the day on which the fate of Palestinian people might be determined as Quds day and to proclaim the legitimate right of the Muslim people of Palestine." The day is meant to express solidarity and global support to Palestinians, and indeed all other oppressed. Observed through processions, conferences and rallies by nations, human rights activists and civil liberties organizations, this inspiring declaration of the late Imam evidently received borderless acceptance.

Not only Muslims, even among the Jews who aren’t Zionist on a day like this, shows their support to Palestinians through rallies and conferences among others. Many people on the last Friday of Ramadan around the world embarked on this event that show solidarity to Palestinians.

On the other hand, Zaria massacre is a crime against humanity, the Nigerian army murdered innocent civilians in a cold blood. It is of important the Nigerian army and adherents of Wahabism to know that; whoever killed a person innocently, in the hereafter will come before almighty Allah in his hands with blood of the person they shed.

More than 1000 days after, the Zaria pogrom is still remembered daily. It is precisely that it cannot be washed-out, history has written it. Since the pre-planned attacked (under the pretext of ‘blockade of road) by the Nigerian government through its army on the members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria led by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky which he is still incommunicado, till date, he has not been given his provisional constitutional rights, which shows how anarchical the Buhari led government is.

His rights to movement and association have been trampled on. It’s befuddling that the Nigerian army that is supposed to be secular as the state claims democracy as its system of government carrying-out 48 hours operation on its citizens killing thousand unarmed civilians without the president of the nation-state caution, bring the culprits to book and commiserate with the family members of the martyrs and declared national mourning, instead, he went on to accuse the members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria with running a ‘State within a State’. The president’s allegation also proved the attack is premeditated.

The old man is confused and knuckle-headed and don’t have the knowledge of political administration. It’s cleared that in democracy system of government, the Nigerian army in a converged operation are under the command of the Police when it comes to civilian’s affairs, but in Nigeria, it’s vice versa.

The democracy is on paper but not in practice. Rather, the Nigerian army to do their duties preventing the sovereignty from invasion in various territories, but they made themselves busy in killing their citizens, and continue plotting against them. This is shame to the military and the government entirely! Some of the proved that linked the Nigerian army and the Wahabism, it is that of meeting with the so-called Wahabi ‘clerics’ in the aftermath of the massacre. The Nigerian army and the Wahabism have the same thoughts of attacking and killing does they think they are against them. The wahabism ideology played an important role in killing the innocent Shiites members during the pogrom. Why the government through its army using religion to plots against Islamic movement in Nigeria? Are they not fed up with the blood they shed in December, 2015? Are they not fed up with the blood they shed in October, 2018 during the annual symbolic Arba’een trek of Imam Husaini (A.S) in the federal capital territory, Abuja? What is the connection of Nigerian army and Wahabism? Why the link now? This proved that; it is a contract from world funders of terrorism; Saudi-America-Israel (S.A.I) in a mission to wipe-out Islamic Movement in Nigeria, this is because of the ideology of Islamic movement in Nigeria which stand firmly with justice and oppressed people, and against injustice, corruption and oppressors. The double party (Nigerian army and Wahabism) their aimed is to kill who they think is against them and thinking that the best option to bring the end of dichotomy is by killings.

Recently, the Nigerian president, Buhari attended the OIC meeting held in Mecca where the Saudi Arabia’s King Salman called for international action to stop Iranian influence around the world. There was no report of objection from the Nigerian president against this action; this is because the president is a direct beneficiary of the world funders of terrorism. The only exception of this action is Iraq. It’s obvious to even blind man that Saudi Arabia is a staunch US ally, and those accepted the Saudi’s called serve the interest of the Saudi, US and the illegitimate state of Israel. At a time, where the Israel continues their invasion against Palestinians without the solidarity and support of the Arab leaders, but they choose to gathered with the aim of supporting the rascality of the US which they bluntly illuminated that they are enemies of peace in the world. But despite their meaningless, worthless and purportless gathering in Mecca, this year Quds procession around the world shows that people of consciences are with the Palestinians and they will continue to rally around Palestinians in spite of all odds.

Zaria massacre is a crime against humanity, the Nigerian army murdered innocent civilians in a cold blood. It is of important the Nigerian army and Wahabism to know that; whoever killed a person innocently, in the hereafter he will come before almighty Allah in his hands with blood of the person he shed. It is obvious that; the Wahabism ideology is a cancer to the nation-state. The nation-state give it is citizens a guarantee to the freedom of religion, conscience, speech and life, but the Wahabism ideology said; whoever is not a Wahabist he is a ‘infidel’ and he has to be killed.

It is of paramount important to the non-Muslims to understand that; this ideology of Wahabism is far-away from the teachings of our beloved prophet. Our beloved prophet taught us how to live in every type of human life in a peaceful manner.

To the tyrants, if they are learning from human history, they will not use murder, detention or genocide as a tool to eliminate an ideology. There is an adage in archaeology which says; “a past is a clue to the present.” This is to say; the main essence in learning history is to curve away the short comings of the past and avoid it in the presents.

The history of Adolf Hitler that claims killed millions of Jews does not eliminate the Jews in the world. The history of Karbala that led the massacre of the holy prophet successor and his companions does not bring the call of Imam Husain to an end. Rather boost the call worldwide. For your information; the truth of the matter, Islamic Movement can’t be wipe-out, Zaria pogrom can’t be washed away. Your devilish thinking and action cannot be succeed, the truth always prevail.

The leader of Islamic Movement once said in one of his speech; “The truth cannot be suppressed with the barrel of gun.” All these inhumane actions from the Nigerian army and Wahabism ideology shows how cancerous they are in the nation state.