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International Quds Day: Global Conscience, Solidarity, Sacrifice and Besieged Gaza

Bukhari M. Bello Jega
The month of Ramadan is among the special months designated by Allah for His servants to get closer to Him and seek forgiveness and pity.

 It is a special month of training and retraining of the soul to cleansed self from impurity; attornment for past and present sins from the Benevolence, Just, Merciful and Beneficial God. In this month soul attain spiritual reawakening, pity, and blessing. That, is why, Allah (SWT) in the Glorious Qur’an call our attention to the fact that; “O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, even as it was prescribed those before you that ye may ward off (evil). (2:183). Therefore, the days and month of fasting are best period of worship, supplication, recitation of the Holy Qur’an; invocation and charitable deeds; because the self is relatively better prepared for heart presence, devotion and attention to Almighty God as compared to any other period. A time for sober reflection and stocks taking by Muslims and humanity on their actions and inaction in this temporary world; a time for Muslims to show love, unity, solidarity and brotherhood among themselves irrespective of sectarian divide. What a month it is, with a night that is far better than one thousand months. No doubt, this is a blessing and mercy from the Merciful and Benevolence God to His servants. 

However, thought, the month of Ramadan is known for fasting and spirituality, it is equally known to have a special last Friday where oppressed people of the world show solidarity via protest and procession against the carnage, genocide and injustice going on in Palestine by the usurper and hopeless cancer in the Middle East (Israel). And that Friday and gathering is what the Imam of the 20th Century call “International Quds day”. International Quds day is day, mostly the last Friday in the month of Ramadan to protest and show solidarity to the good and spirited people of Palestine, who were daily killed, mutilated and humiliated by the Zionist dogs, pigs and cancer of the Middle East – Zionist state of Israel. No doubt, the 20th century witnesses the rise and emergence of a revolutionist, teacher, mentor, leader and a revival of Islamic ethic, philosophy and the willing power to move people to an Islamic revolution that change the world forever: Imam Ayotollah Ul-Uzma Ruhullah Al-Musavi Khomeini (may his soul rest in peace). The victory of the Islamic Revolution on February 11, 1979 under the enlightened leadership of that divine iron-willed man blessed with foresight, whose very name and whose very word inspire the hearts of Muslims, the idol-breaker, the holder of the highest esteem, the dearest of the sons of Islam and a rare, gifted genius, Imam Ruhullah al-Musavi Khomeini (may his soul rest in peace), the task of implementing the Islamic ideology of resistance, rising up and protesting against oppressors and hegemonic builders was sealed and delivered against the wishes and conspiracy of the world powers.

In advocating for this great day of rage, protest and solidarity with the good and spirited people of Palestine (i.e International Quds Day), Imam Khomeini (Qs) on the month of Ramadan of 1399 (August 1979) call and invited all Muslims over the globe to consecrate the last Friday of the Holy month of Ramadan as “Quds day” and to proclaim the international solidarity of Muslims in support of the legitimate rights of the Muslim of Palestine”. A proclamation, that, has now become a global gathering of humanity – Muslims and non Muslims against the atrocities and genocide been created by the illegitimate and usurper of the highest order- Israel. Ever since that spiritually and courageous proclamation by enlighten and divine ironed-willed son of Islam Imam Ruhula Khomeini, the world has change for the better. International Quds is not only a day against genocide and an injustice against good and spirited people of Palestine amidst world silence, but, is a global struggle and reawakening against oppression, tyranny, injustice and inhumanity. Imam Al-Khomeini further advise the belligerent citizens of the world, that,

International Quds day is a day when the fate of the oppressed nations must be determined. Oppressed nations should make their presence known to the oppressors, just like Iran rose up and defeated and will defeat. All nations should rise up and throw these gems of corruption in the garbage. It is a day of confrontation for nations that have been under the tyranny of the American government and other oppressors. It is a day when the oppressed should become equipped against the oppressors and they should rub their noises in the dirt. It’s a day when committed individuals are preferred over the hypocrites. Dedicated people consider today as Quds day and act as they are obliged. The hypocrites and those who are secretly acquainted with the superpower and are friendly with Israel, today are indifferent or do not allow the nations to demonstrate on this day.         

The world had and is still witnessing the rise and fall of leaders and nations, but, the crime and genocide against the belligerent people of Palestine has continue to raise serious concern about our humanity. Where is our humanity in this chess game of international conspiracy and silence? Everyone and so called global power speak of the right of Israel to defend itself against the helpless stone throwing Palestinians; while the world watch helplessly and in shock the atrocities the illegal and usurper and hopeless and stubborn cancer of the Middle East- Israel is committing in Gaza and the rest of the Palestinian territories. The silence and cowardice of the so called Islamic countries, leaders and organizations is not only sickening but, a reflection of what these countries, leaders and organizations have become in our contemporary situation. The question we may ask, is if Islamic countries, leaders and organization can rise to the occasion when it was alleged that, late Colonel Muammar Ghaddafi in 2011 is going to commit genocide in Benghazi,  which contributed in the ousted of the Colonel Ghaddafi; why are they foot dragging with the issue and challenges of Palestine? If they can pass resolutions upon resolutions and lobby the United Nation Security Council to pass UNSC resolution 1970 on February 26, 2011, what is stopping them from using such lobbying skills and determination to assist the belligerent people of Palestine? Can they listen to the wise counselling of the pious soul of Imam Hafiz Saphie of Sarajero (Bosnia) who was quoted to have said “if the Muslims countries that are dealing with oil stopped their tankers just for one day, the West will start acting in different way”? Where is their Islamic conscience? If Qatar and Jordan can contribute soldiers in Libya against Colonel Muammar Ghaddafi why are they silent with the issues of Palestine? Is Jihad and their created and funded Jihadist Groups only restricted to Muslims countries and against Muslims alone? Where are the global human right bodies? Where is Amnesty International please? Has the world lost it conscience against this cancer that is destroying humanity?  These are questions troubling my innocent and childish mind, when i watch clips and news coming out from Gaza.

For me, the conventional wisdom dictates, the world should be sympathising with the long suffering and innocent people of Palestine in this chess game of unequal and unjust war and genocide. Unfortunately, we are in a world of immorality, injustice, oppression and Zionism, where might is right. For 67 years, the good and spirited people of Palestine have suffered and are still suffering from a crime they do not understand, appreciate nor commit. But, the bully (illegitimate State of Israel) only wants to grab more land and humiliating the hospitable people of Palestine, who gave them shelter and land when the world rejected their evil attitude. Here they are shedding blood of innocent children, women and youths in Gaza. Watching and listening to news channels only reflect the lost of conscience and humanity among world leaders, citizens and the destruction of the ethics and practices of journalism, if what the reports from the media organization is anything to go by. The horrible pictures of children, women and young killed by the Israelis missiles, bullets and butchers amidst silence of Islamic leaders and countries reflect the lost of Islamic heritage, teachings and practices of brotherhood and solidarity among faithful. Unfortunately, the Muslim leaders and countries have lost touch with the saying of the Holy Prophet (S) that says; "Truly the believers in their acts of co-operation and mutual aid are like the head to the body; should it complain the rest of the body rallies to it in vigilant defence." Here we are, our biggest head (Palestine: 66 years of bondage) is complaining and the body is pretending all is well. This is a shame to these so called leaders and to the Muslims world. 

This philosophy between the head and the rest of the body had been elegantly described by the late Ayatollah Sayyid Mahmoud Taleqani, in his sermon, on the occasion of first "Qods Day" on August 17, 1979 (Ramadhan 23, 1399) in Tehran, as follows:


"All Muslims, wherever they may be, in their co-operative relationships with each other, their acts of compassion toward each other are like the head to a body when it feels pain and complains. Whenever a member of the human body feels pain, its complaint is brought to the command centres by means of the nerves, afterwards to reach the other members. This afflicted member becomes like the head; all thought and attention, one’s eyes and ears, attend it until it is taken care of. Why? Because if it is not taken care of, all the members will become paralysed. The Muslims of the world must know that they are all members of a single body; they must not suppose that by remaining indifferent to the lot of other Muslims they can preserve themselves from the painful calamities that are besetting them."


Unfortunately, the modern and civilised world cries and protects the rights of dogs, cats, fish, bears, and other animals all over the world, but for crimes committed against Muslims, there is no crying, no tears, and no rights are considered to have been violated. Nevertheless, this present state of the world awakens and tests Muslims. The sun of hope is slowly rising on the Islamic world, and there is absolutely no doubt that if we could become united and preserve our steadfastness, the future belongs to Islam. Unfortunately, pains and tragedies have befallen the Islamic community, which if they had fallen on a bright day, would have turned it into a dark night. There is Palestine, where, day and night we see how Zionist soldiers are hunting bare-handed and helpless children, and how insolently under the very eyes of television cameras are breaking their bones inside the torture chambers in Zionist prisons amidst complete conspiracy of silence by the so called advocate of human right, democracy and freedom.


Inherently, in all the misadventures carryout by Israelis in the last six (6) decades offensive against the helpless people of Gaza, the so called leaders of Muslims countries are not only silent but, have resort to the natural thing they know how to do best, conference without concrete action or united voice to condemn and aid the belligerent Palestinian with weapons, medicine and food. As usual the houses of the monarchies on the hot sand of the Arabia, are not only afraid of their Zionist master, but, have become the greatest problem of Muslims’ unity, solidarity and progress. The leader and torchbearer of Islamic revival and revolution Imam Khomeini once admonished the Muslims across the globe, that;


Muslims must think about training, controlling, and correcting the leaders of some countries. They must use advice or warnings to wake them up from their expensive sleep which is killing them and the interests of the Islamic nations. They must not be unaware of the danger of the hypocrites and those who work for the arrogant powers of the world. They should not sit on their hands and watch the destruction of Islam and the usurpation of their capitol, interest, and Islamic women.



No doubt, this admonition captured the hopeless situation the world of Muslims have found themselves with these puppets and hopeless characters as leaders; whose only contribution to Islam is sponsoring Jihadist groups, who waged war against their fellow Muslims, while the environment for jihad is more than mature and saturated in Gaza against the usurper. But, we don’t expect, the grandsons of bandits and illegitimate ruling family to assist Muslims and Islam, because their origin and sustainability lies with the enemies of Islam not with Islam nor Muslims. In Nigeria, it is an honour and signs of Allah’s mercy and blessing, that, we were equally gifted with a teacher, preacher, leader, motivator and spiritual conscience of Africa, Shaikh Ibraheem Yaquob Zakzaky (H), who answers this call of Imam Khomeini and motivated us to rise in solidarity and sacrifice everything for the good and spirited people of Palestine. Now International Quds has become the largest procession and protest movement against the carnage and injustice to the good and spirited people of Palestine in Nigeria. A sacrifice that pays off, when on 25th July, 2015, the enemies of humanity, blood thirsty vampires and the dogs and pigs of International Zionist decided to attack the peaceful procession by spirited Nigerians, which lead to the gruesome murder of three (3) sons (Sayyeed Ahmad, Hameed and Mahmud) and 31 followers of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). Indeed, the Zionist vampires have had a field day, with the massacre of the century. What happened on 25th July, 2015 against Muslims can be equated with the genocide and killing taking place in Palestine.


Unfortunately, even though the massacre is still painful; but, victory was achieved with the blood of the martyrs who are mostly youth in their prime age. The International Quds Day martyrs gave up and sacrifice everything for the love and in solidarity with the good and spirited people of Palestine. As we flash back and remember such an unfortunate, wicked and gruesome murder and act of cowardice, we give glad tidings, to Allah for the blessing and mercy of 34 martyrs in one day, including the highest in single family; the three son of Shaikh Ibraheem Yaquob Zakzaky (H). While the enemies though they are laughing last and smile for their cowardice and act of wickedness; for us and the family, genocide is an elevation and privilege for the families especially the family of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) for raising the bar of closeness and respect in the sight of Allah. Indeed, no man in the last century have had such elevation with tremendous blessing in a single day like Sayyeed and family got on that special day. This is an attestation of spirituality, respect and privilege position in the sight of Allah. We are indeed pained, due to lost of love ones, closeness, love, and time; but, we celebrate and appreciate their bravery, courage, dedication, committed and sacrifice for the love and in solidarity with the good and spirited people of Palestine. Indeed, their bloods have water the tree of Islam and purified the land of Nigeria for better.      


Therefore, as we mark yet another International Quds day across the globe on the 11 July 2015, we call on the global citizens to congregate in whatever space we found ourselves to show our love, solidarity and support for the belligerent people of Palestine. From the United State of America, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Venezuela, Iraq, Islamic Republic of Iran, Bosnia, Israel, South Africa, and to us here in Nigeria under the guardianship and leadership of Sayyed Ibraheem Yaquob Zakzaky (H) let show our loves and solidarity to the spirited and good of Palestine. No doubt, this year’s International Quds Day should be a day of rage and demands for justice and stop the genocide currently going on in the besieged city of Gaza.  The good and spirited people of Gaza and Palestine needed to be reminded about the beautiful sermon by the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali (a.s.), who was quoted to had said that:


When Allah witnessed their patience in resisting the tortures and hardships, which were inflicted upon them, because of their love for Him and following the path of truth. He opened over them gates of divine assistance in the midst of those difficult bottlenecks of misfortunes. The deprived of yesterday, after that found themselves as rulers and governors. Their glory, fame, prestige, reached to a point, which had never been imagined by them in their best of dreams.



And finally Allah reminded us that Islam is the greatest source of power and it can do wonders, that the power of faith is far mightier than that of the superpowers. In the words of the Holy Qur’an, Allah has promised us the result as follows:



Allah has promised, to those among you who believe and work righteous deeds, that He will, of a surety grant them in the land, inheritance (of power), as He granted it to those before them; that He will establish in authority their religion — the one which He has chosen for them; and that He will change (their state), after the fear in which they (lived), to one of security and peace. They will worship Me (alone) and not associate aught with Me. If any do reject faith after this, they are rebellious and wicked. So establish regular prayer and give regular charity; and obey the apostle; that ye may receive mercy. Never think thou that the unbelievers are going to frustrate (Allah’s plan) on earth: their abode is the Fire, — and it is indeed an evil refuge!’ The Holy Qur’an (24: 55-57).


This is an assurance to good and spirited people of Palestine and all oppressed people around the world, as we celebrate and we show our solidarity with the good and spirited people of Palestine. May Allah assist the helpless and good people of Palestine against the usurper and beast of burden and cancer of the Middle East. We are indeed grateful to Allah for sustaining and opening the hearts of people around the globe to answers the call of the 20th century leader, mentor, motivator and revival of Islamic heritage Imam Ayotollah Ul-Uzma Ruhullah Al-Musavi Khomeini (may his soul rest in peace). No doubt; International Quds Day has become a symbol of showing displeasure and resistance against genocide taking place in Gaza and against oppression and tyranny around the world. We are equally grateful to the disciples of Imam Khomeini, successor Sayyed Ali Khameini for sustaining and promoting this bequeathed legacy, that is fielding result and making the Zionist instruments around the world very uncomfortable and confused. Ya Allah protect and safeguard the life of our leader Maulana Sayyeed Ibraheem Yaquob Alzakzaky (H), for all we have today; wallahi is because of Allah’s mercy of raising him, to provide guardianship, teaching, motivation and courageously served as our protector against the plans of the enemies of Islam. He not only rediscovery our past, strengthen and guide our presence, but, has already projected our future with certain. He equally aided and linked us with the house of guardianship, support, best manners, love, spirituality and leadership – the households of the Holy Prophet (a). We have nothing to say, than, to thank Allah for this great gifts. As me match on 11 July 2014, may Allah reward us all for standing up against injustice and oppression, and may this insignificant contribution be a source of way for seeking closeness to Allah and forgiveness of our sins and acceptance of all our supplications Illahee.