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Thursday, 19 August 2021 09:01

Muharram is a month of tragedy and mourning not for the Muslims alone, but all lovers and advocate of justice, truth and humanity. It was on the tenth of this month that the Grandson of the Holy Prophet (saaw), Imam Hussein (AS) had sacrificed his life, that of his family and companions for the protection and re-establishment of pure Islam, dignity, honor, justice and freedom.

The atrocities of Ashura have exposed the enmity and treachery of Banu Umayyad and their hirelings on Almighty Allah, his greatest Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (saw), his holy household (AS) and what is just and the truth in Karbala, Iraq. It was an event that demonstrated how blood defeated the swords in defense of humanity, justice and freedom, which shall continue to be remembered till the end of this world against the wishes of enemies of God.

This is the reason agents of neo-colonialists prevented these gatherings for lamentation of the Ashura Event. They had studied the circumstances of the nations and knew that they could not reach their aims as long as such mourning sessions and recitation of elegies were held and the cruelties of rulers were revealed and condemned.

Here in Nigeria, the Islamic Movement led by Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky (H) has been victim of series of machinations, especially by the present government and other past governments through international conspiracy. The massacre carried out by the Nigerian army in Zaria on 12-14 December, 2015 bore many similarities with the inhumane atrocities unleashed on Imam Husain, his family and followers in the plain of Karbala.

However we are grateful to Allah (T) for granting relief to our leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife Mu’allima Zeenah Ibrahim, when on July 28, 2021 Kaduna state high court discharged and acquitted them from the spurious charges they were tried for over three years. And unlike last year, since the beginning of this month when the Ashura mourning sessions started in over 250 cities and villages over the country, there has not been any report of intimidation and attack on the mourners. We hope our antagonists in government have come to the realization that molestation and persecution cannot suppress a righteous Movement in the long run, but rather strengthen it.

Nonetheless, as we bask in the glory of the release of our leader, we will like to draw the attention of well-meaning Nigerians and the international community on the delay tactics of the federal government in releasing his passport and that of his wife, that will facilitate their journey abroad for the proper treatment of the wounds they sustained during the military attack on their residence in December, 2015. Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife are now free citizens, why should their passports be withheld? Lest we forget, in 2018 Even a Kaduna state high court granted them medical leave to visit India to regain their daily deteriorating health condition, but the government botched up that medical trip. And now their passport has not been released to them, even though they are still in dire need of medical attention.

As we mourn Ashura, we urge the federal government to release the passports of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife and also release hundreds of others still in detention since December 2015 and restore the fundamental human rights of Muslim brothers and sisters of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

Peace be upon Hussein (AS), Aliyu binul Hussein (AS) children of Hussein and companions of Hussein!!


Muharram 10, 1443 (August 19, 2021)


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