NEW CHARGES AGAINST SHEIK ZAKZAKY(H): Tail between legs of Kaduna State Government/extemporaneous conundrum moment and last kicking of a dying horse. Print
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Sunday, 01 August 2021 20:16

By Ishaq Adam Ishaq Esq.1 August, 2021.
The Director for Public Prosecution of Kaduna State, Bayero Dari, yesterday (Saturday), the 31st July, 2021 told the general public that they have filed new charges against Allamah Sayyid Ibrahim Zakzaky(H). This is because, according to him, the ruling of the Kaduna State High Court was in favour of the Sheikh and not in their's.

They should have accept the defeat. This is because, in every competition there must be a victor and vanquish. The Sheik,by Allah's wish enmarged as the victor and the Kaduna State government enmarged as vanguished

However, this is really a tail between legs by the Kaduna State Government under the leadership of Nasiru El-rufa'i. They want to cover up the heynous crimes they have committed against humanity. They know that they have a skeleton in their cupboard. And by Allah,they will pay the price. Sheik Ibrahim Zakzaky(H) committed no offence. And that is why the State own High Court discharged and acquitted him and his wife,malam Zeenatudeen Ibrahim(H). The State should bring cat out of the bag, instead of filing the prevolous new charges which up to now, we did not see. Let them face reality and stop deceiving the general public.

According to them, the new charges were filed before Federal High Court sitting at Kaduna. And all the Justices of the Federal High Court including the Kaduna division had already on vacation before the so called new and invisible charges were framed. Then, who signed the new charges? And legally speaking, a signless charge or any other legal document has no legal effect and impact at all. They are just playing a psychological war. That is all about it. This is an externporaneous conundrum. And it will not work at all.

With regard to appeal, it is their constitutional right. They have that right. So, they can appeal within 90 days from the day of the ruling. However, their appeal will not stop or cancel the ruling of the High Court(discharged and acquitted) in favour of the defendants. If they appealed and the Appelate Court fixed a hearing date, Sheik Ibrahim Zakzaky and malama Zeenatudeen Ibrahim(the respondant) will not even be attending the sitting of the Court. It is their Counsel that will represent them.

This is nothing but the last kicking of a dying horse.

May Allah, the annihilator of tyrant, continue to protect allamah Sayyid Ibrahim Zakzaky(H) and malama Zeenatudeen Ibrahim where ever they are.

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