The 3rd Millennium, the "domination of Africa" millennium. Before it is too late! Print
Written by freezak   
Friday, 30 April 2021 09:52

By Dauda Nalado, PhD
The United States of America, USA and Europe have discovered that two- thirds (2/3) of World resources abound in Africa. They are therefore set for the second scramble of Africa, this time not through the old fashioned colonization, but through the imposition of false flag terror. They have made Somalia a failed state through the false flag Al shabab outfit. They now control the vast fish resources there. 

They made Libya a failed state. It is now under the control of war lords. The hegemons are now busy looting the high grade crude oil resource there. They created and empowered the azwad militia in Mali in a bid to destabilize it. They want to lay their filthy hands on the huge gold reserves left by Emperor Mansa Musa. It was said that Mansa Musa had single handedly lowered global gold price in Egypt en route his famous pilgrimage to Mecca. He carried 1000 camel loads of gold and each of his 1000 slaves had a gold staff. France directly terrorized the central African republic in order to steal the diamond deposits. USA and Europe created ISWAP to destabilize West African Province, the rich Lake Chad Basin inclusive. North Eastern Nigeria, bordering the Lake Chad, is endowed with vast high grade crude oil resources. The Sokoto trough is blessed with Uranium, gold and Platinum. The zamfara (North West) plain has huge gold deposits. The Zaria - Birnin gwari axis (North Central) has gold resources also. They created Boko Haram in North Eastern Nigeria. They are so desperate and now they compliment this terror with armed banditry and kidnappings in North West and North Central Nigeria. The game plan is to terrorize inhabitants of these places and drive them away. This would pave the way for the establishment of illegal mines and cargo airstrips, through which our looted resources could be taken away. The Nigerian government, right from that of Yaradua to Jonathan and now to the most wicked Buhari, are complicit in the whole set up. The current progressive rise in these terror activities may not be unconnected to the desperation of American troops to invade Nigeria under the guise of assisting the country to fight insecurity. No wonder the President has called the Americans to intervene. The law makers would also follow suit. My dear country men let us take heed before it is too late. The coming of America and by extension European troops is a disaster to the country. Recent history of happenings in Afhganistan, Iraq and Syria suffices to teach us, in black and white, the grave consequences of incursion of World arrogant powers into our soil. However, these powers, have identified a most likely stumbling block to their agenda. This formidable resistance is being led by a revered and distinguished personality. They know very well that their agenda in Iran using their stooge Shah was thwarted by the revered Khomeini towards the end of the twentieth century AD. So they regard the scenario in Nigeria with all the effort to avoid a replica of Khomeini in Africa. We may recall that after the Zaria massacre in 2015, President Buhari stated in Dubai that they did it in order to halt the influence of "Khomeinian" Iran in Africa. My dear Nigerians, let us rally around this formidable threat to world arrogant powers. Let us rally around this formidable resistance against usurpation of our God given resources. Let us rise to demand the unconditional freedom of the revered personality who has exposed this hegemonic agenda many years ago. The freedom of this divinely protected personality is the freedom of Nigeria from false flag terror. His freedom is our Independence from Second scramble. His freedom is our dignity and our prosperity. Free the emancipator of Africa. Free Zakzaky!!!