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Written by freezak   
Friday, 18 September 2020 11:06

Dear Sir,
I will like to start by addressing you with the regards with which you were addressed by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in its earlier press statement, “the famous father of the Nigerian Film Industry”. Unfortunately in a 12-minute video clip you were seen falsely claiming that your life was threatened by some members of the movement, a claim you cannot prove. 

But it is true you played a role in the nasty film, "Fatal Arrogance", meant to defame the leader of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and blackmail his followers.
Actually, every right thinking person would say that you were not supposed to have responded to the Islamic Movement in the manner in which you did. It was very unbecoming of an elder and role model of the prestigious film industry. The Islamic Movement in its over forty years of history has a policy of never issuing threats or giving ultimatum because of its concept of peaceful approach to issues even while they are being attacked.
The press statement issued by the Movement only expressed its position about the film and the steps it had taken to ensure that the film is not produced which includes petitioning the Inspector General of Police and the Films Censorship Board. The statement also exposed how the Nigerian regime had violated the fundamental rights of the Movement and its members. You were not the subject matter in the statement. The only place your name was mentioned in the statement was in the following paragraph…
“After the Zaria genocide, Buhari regime launched massive campaigns of calumny and demonization against Sheikh Zakzaky, the Movement and Shi’a Islam using Saudi petrodollars. Books were written to further this hate campaigns and ‘Fatal Arrogance” is one of those books. The regime saw that Nigerians did not show interest in that book because it is full of lies, fraudulent fabrications and gross distortion of history. They then decided to use a famous father of the Nigerian film industry, Pete Edochie to produce a film that will change the true narration of history and justify their brutal murder of thousands of innocent Shi’a civilians in Nigeria.”
What is in this paragraph that would warrant a 12-minute response from you in the manner in which you responded if you are not part of the plot to produce the film? Your responses addressed several issues that did not concern you in any way. If there was anyone that would have responded in the manner in which you did to the statement, it should have been the Nigerian Army, the Nigerian government, the author of the book, “Fatal Arrogance” or the producer of the film. The implication here is that you acted like an accomplice in the plot to blackmail the oppressed Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers. It only shows that you were used in diverting the attention of the public from the actual message of the statement.
Secondly, in trying to justify your role in the film you said your name in the film is ‘Alhaji Shasha Gorombo’ which no scholar bears in Nigeria but your costume depicted a particular scholar. You were not dressed like Sheikh Ahmed Gumi, you were not dressed like Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi, you were not dressed like the Anglican Bishop or the Pope, you were dressed like a particular scholar depicting his followers as terrorists.
Let’s assume you were not acting as Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers in the film, but you were molesting the religion of Islam chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘La ilaha illallah’ while carrying guns and machetes thereby insulting the integrity of Muslims and Islam by depicting them as terrorists. This is dangerous, sensational and unethical. It should not be expected from the prestigious entertainment industry in the country. This flaws the laws of the industry and renders it irresponsible and degenerate.
I want to draw your attention to something you have blinded yourself at. Have you sat for a moment to think that you are being paid to justify the extra judicial killing of men, women and children, some of who were burnt alive and even buried alive while begging to be killed before they were buried? The moment you receive a penny or a kobo to justify this act of inhumanity of man to man then you are feeding on blood money. You know the meaning of feeding on blood money to us Africans. Definitely that blood will certainly chase you throughout your life. The same with who soever plays a role in the film.
The people you were paid to blackmail were unarmed innocent people striving to dock and hide from the killing machines of the Army as they were brutally murdered, their women raped and some burned alive. Their only crime was belonging to a faith system not accepted by some people in power and you are being paid to justify their murder. Where is your integrity? Where is your morality? Where is your humanity? Where is your responsibility as a citizen? Have you lost all of them?
You claimed that you could play any role if paid and a lot of people condemned you for that even on your Facebook page. They challenged you to go and act porn movie if money is all you wanted in acting. But you will not dare do that because you are thinking of your image in the eyes of the public and because it is immoral. But is it moral to feed on blood money? Then why did you play a role to protect murderers and subject the murdered to ridicule?
You now have a choice of withdrawing your role from the nasty film to save your integrity and public image or destroying your them for money and becoming the closest friend to the devil.
Yours faithfully,
Abdulmumin Giwa

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